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Common Fibers Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet

Mikey Bautista

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Put carbon fiber's strength, chemical resistance, and feather weight to good use and protect your essentials with Common Fibers' slim wallet. It takes advantage of its material's aerospace-grade stiffness to house four card slots and still stay lean enough to fit in any pocket. Common Fibers also included RFID blocking in the wallet's durable rip-stop interior to ensure your cards stay protected from both natural and man-made threats. If pure black and gray isn't your thing, it also comes in one of three interior colors to better match the rest of your carry. Give the Common Fibers slim wallet a spin if you're tired of the same old leather or metal but still need a capable container for your cash.


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Gabe Mountjoy ·
Exactly what I'm rocking!
Myles Bradwell ·
Beautiful Wallet!