VIDEO: My Ultralight Minimalist EDC


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I'm Dan, co-founder of Everyday Carry. Since launching this site we've been mainly creating text and photo content, but to kick off the new month I thought we'd try introducing's first video. Click through to watch me walk you through how to cover as many bases as possible while keeping things ultra light and minimalist.

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Reminds me of one of those clown cars where they keep pouring out. There's someone behind the big plant leaves handing you stuff, right?
No tricks — Dan is just a master of minimalism and pocket efficiency.
Bernard speaks the truth, no one was behind him, he actually had everything on him.
I was starting to get a little irate at gun two... Glad I kept watching. Brilliant video!!!
At first I was thinking, this guy is ridiculous! A minimalist carry with four wallets! But by the end I was laughing my head off! I'm definitely looking forward to more videos from you guys.
I was roughly at wallet 4 when I realized what was going on here. Slow clap. First Aprils Fools gag to get me today. Love the site by the way.
2 is 1, 1 is none, and 8 is 2^3
Totally worth watching the whole thing! lol
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Thanks for reminding me it's April Fool's Day.
At the third wallet, I figured something was fishy. After the 5th knife, I knew the whole thing was a joke. At the AK47, I lost it :-D Cool video, Dan. Thanks for the laugh on this April 1st.
pants do not fall down?
Best belt ever made!
Yes, I really had all that stuff in my pants/under my shirt. I think it was around 50lbs of stuff. Not seen was a bulletproof vest that I used to tuck things under.
enjoyed watching, had me giggling from 2 minutes in.
I think it is a little foolish to only have 5 or 6 wallets.
Is that a shotgun in your pants or are you just happy to see me? Funny as hell, thanks for the laugh!
Finally! I was wondering when you guys would take the site to the next level and introduce more video. Nicely done. ;-)
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