Out in the woods EDC

Ian Mackie
Pensby, Wirral, UK
Spring 2015 is finally here in the UK! This is my pouch of goodies for days spent out in the forest, which compliments whatever backpack and kit I have with me. All the contents fit in (or on) the Condor pouch, apart from the Black Fox knife and pouch. Both the Condor pouch and knife go on a thick leather belt, so are with me at all times. Certainly not minimal, but there's lots of toys to play with outdoors! I've gone with the 'two is one, and one is none' approach to cutting tools, tool sharpening, cordage and fire starting. Either way, it's nice to know I'll get by, wherever I might find myself.

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Joseph Renna ·
Nice wood scales on that Kuma. Did you make them?
Ian Mackie ·
Hi Joseph. No I didn't make them - they came like that. Very impressed with this knife so far, and the wooden scales are lovely!
I didn't know that kind of knife was legal to carry in the UK. Then again I don't really know the majority of the laws in the UK so maybe i'm just talking out my ass.
kwelsh ·
It is only illegal if you get caught.
Oh I see, well then carry on! lol
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