Norwegian EDC

Brastad, Sweden
I try to avoid batteries for obvious reasons. The camera will need a battery, but it will last forever. In the summer I use 100 ISO film. The watch is a mechanical braille watch, so I can read it in darkness. For a toothpick I will use the needle (old people always uses toothpicks). The Higonokami knife is only 30 grams. My fountain pen is loaded with Noodlers ink (Baystate blue), so it won't fade. I don't use a phone. For money I usually bring Norwegian cash, but to most readers I suppose that USD is more familiar. The portrait on the 100 USD bill is not the usual Franklin portrait, but my cat, Franz, because I don't have a 100 $ bill. My fountain pen has a super flexible nib, but any fountain pen will do.

Harald Bjørn
⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃ (This animal is called "Bjørn" in Norwegian.)

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