Full Field Load-Out

Mel R.
Oilfield Tech (age 45)
This is my full load out of items I carry when working in the field. Of course most of these items are kept in my bag (Drago Gear Assault pack), and not everything is pictured (wall/car chargers, charging cords, headphones, etc).

A couple of things not pictured include my inCharge mini keyring charge cable (I was using it recently and it mysteriously disappeared in the house) that I typically keep with the Anker, and a case for the iPhone (one of my boys knocked it off the arm of the sofa just perfectly to crack the integrated glass screen protector), a Spigen Tough Armor case is en route.

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Freddie ·
I really like this set-up. If you are working in an oilfield then heavy duty gear is a must for you. I would suggest adding a heavy-duty knife like a ZT or an Emerson to go with this set. Those two brands in particular can be kinda pricey but they are solid edc investments.
Mel R. ·
Thanks, Freddie. I actually have a Quartermaster QTR-6 that's built like a tank, but I found that when I carried it on location I was still reaching for the S&W (my beater knife) - it's held up remarkably well. For straight-out cutting/slicing, I go with the karambit- it's scary sharp and goes through straps or zip-ties like butter.
Glen ·
Great collection of kit Mel! The most random thing for me is the mini stapler :-D
Ryan Horton ·
You'd be surprised how often a mini stapler comes in handy in the oilfield. With so many different companies working together, lots of paperwork gets signed and passed around. I keep saying I'm about to start putting extra folders in my bag for the same reason.
Mel R. ·
Thanks Glen, and yeah, the stapler is kinda random, taking account the other gear, but Ryan is exactly right - there are many times I have to collect paperwork from other companies, and it is really helpful
Giannis Merichovitis ·
Great gear! That karambit is just awsome! Is the sanrenmu worth the purchase?
Mel R. ·
Thanks, Giannis. Yes, I would definitely recommend the Sanrenmu for your rotation - it's extremely inexpensive, but very well put together. It's design is based on the small Sebenza, so it's a good looking knife, and very light. Mine has taken a beating, and has really held up well.
Mikey Bautista ·
You have tempted me for the last time with that karambit, argh!
Mel R. ·
Ha! You got me with that brass QDC mini pen :) But seriously, it's a great work tool and it is fun to play with, I imagine even more so if you're thinking about using one for Escrima
David ·
Nice gear brother.
Mel R. ·
Thanks man, I appreciate it.
Mel R. ·
A quick thanks to everyone who checked out my submission, and especially those who "liked" it'. I've been working on building a carry with high quality and functional tools and still have some upgrades to make. At least I know I'm on the right track!
Mel R. ·
Just realized I left my watch (G-Shock Mudman) out of the pic yet again. I need someone to remind me to take it off my wrist before I submit lol