CRKT Squid

CRKT Squid

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The Black Stonewash Squid is a new offering in CRKT’s line of affordable EDC knives. Designed by Lucas Burnley, the knife is easy on the eyes and would make a great candidate for everyday carry use thanks to its smaller size. Despite the drop-point blade measuring in at only 2.14 inches, its wide profile and shape result in a versatile cutting tool. An integrated frame lock keeps the cutting edge firmly in place when in use, and the grooved blade spine and finger cut outs improve your grip. The all-metal knife is equipped with a deep pocket carry clip and finished off with a black stonewash to complete the stealthy look. Feature packed and affordable, the low-profile Squid would be right at home in a blacked-out EDC.


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Had to try it. Great low cost EDC knife. Added a leather lanyard and it is a tool to be used multiple times a day.
This is one sexy budget EDC knife.
Is it me or it looks a little bit like the cryo?
Maybe a little bit? It kind of reminded me of a budget version of the Spyderco Techno. That's probably why I liked it!