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These are the gadgets that I carry with every day (mostly in an office environment). Interestingly, the lighting in this photo was entirely provided by the flashlight shown (there is a white surface reflecting the light back down onto the items).

As a side note, I keep wondering where people store all of their EDC items? I can carry the above items and my phone in my jeans, but have no room leftover for wallet and keys. I have resorted to leaving those in my coat pockets. What to you guys do?

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Ádám Varga ·
I like these items a lot, but to solve your issue about fitting into the pockets I would try to look for smaller sized alternatives, that will ease up the weight and bulkyness. I will write down what items I use and where I put them, it might give some idea:
1, The Ridge Wallet (back left pocket)
2, Ultrafire Mini Cree Q5 flashlight (front left pocket, clipped)
3, Phone (front left pocket, deep)
4, Spyderco Dragonfly 2 ZDP (front right pocket, clipped)
5, Gerber Dime (5th pocket [coin-pocket])
6, True Utility Telepen (5th pocket [coin-pocket])

All my tools are very small sized and thin, and this layout results one empty pocket (front right pocket) to carry there whatever I want.
Carrying these stuffs feel extremely comfortable all day long, and the nice thing that they cover all the things that I need, with no redundancy. The coin pocket help A LOT, I recommend utilizing it with the proper sized items. (Leatherman Squirt, Gerber Dime etc)
Russ ·
Hey Adam, thanks for filling me in as to the whereabouts of your EDC. It seems like I would benefit most from moving to a slimmer wallet. I thought about downsizing the multitool, but since the Juice S2 already fits in my coin pocket along with the flashlight, I figure that there isn't much to be gained there. Also, I just really like the Juice S2 compared to smaller multi-tools. The real space hog is the notebook though.
Russ ·
My wallet is some generic leather bifold. It's maybe 1cm thick when it is empty. I've never heard of flowfold before. I checked them out and like how thin they are.
Those small stapled notebooks look pretty ideal for pocket carry. I remember looking for something exactly like them a few months ago, but couldn't find them online. It's good to see that you are carrying them now.
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Ben Azevedo ·
I've been wondering the same thing! Seems like you'd need an awful lot of pockets to carry some of these loadouts. I'm comfortably able to carry a pen, wallet, multi tool, phone, and keys on my jeans, but even then, the keys are hooked to a belt loop, not in a pocket. I'd love to add a dedicated knife and flashlight, but I just don't know where they'd go! I will say that downsizing to a "minimalist" wallet (I use the Dash 2.0) makes a big difference in the space in that pocket.

Also seconding John, very nice picture.
John Gleich ·
I like what you did there with the light. Not a comment about the gear.... just the picture!