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VIDEO: Rite in the Rain Stapled Notebook Review

Ed Jelley

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Rite in the Rain are not newcomers to the pen and paper market. Their namesake all-weather resistant notebooks have earned their spot in many EDCs for their durability and reliability. In this video, we give you a quick hands-on of their newest line of notebooks. It's a departure from their typical spiral-bound field journal, marking their entry into the popular stapled backpocket notebook category. Watch the video after the jump for a closer look at the notebooks inside and out, how they hold up to daily use, what pens write best with it, and how effective its water resistance can be.


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William E Ketchum III ·
I became a Moleskine disciple a few years ago. But I may check these out; I've definitely had the rain ruin a notebook of mine before.
Ed Jelley ·
Bonus feature: your notes still live if you accidentally run it through the wash!
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Brendan ·
As a Grunt, these notebooks are IMHO the best for notes in the field..
notes, OPOrders, etc have all survived torrential downpours....
Rite in the Rain ·
Awesome to hear, man. Glad you think so!
Declan Farley ·
Does anyone know when/were can I get these in the UK?
Cd ·
If you were to use an eraser on the pencil would it also remove the waxy coating on the paper?
Ed Jelley ·
So I just tested this out, the pencil is pretty hard to erase. It doesn't come off nearly as cleanly as on regular paper. The erased portion does appear to be slightly less resistant to water than before. It showed a little bit of wrinkling, but otherwise was okay.
Rite in the Rain ·
Great question, Chris. The treatment of our paper is a little more permanent than most coatings, so it will not rub off from erasing. As Ed said, it's a little tougher to erase from, however. Our paper is as picky with erasers as it is with inks.

I typically use Uni Stick erasers I found from Jetpens.com, Pentel white erasers (not black or pink), and the erasers on our No. 99 Mechanical Pencil.
I currently use Field Notes but looking for a waterproof option. They have their expedition out now which is but I am also curious about these. I would love to try one out to see how they last with my EDC.
Patrick Sean Hannigan ·
wow these seem to work exactly the way they're supposed to.. too bad barnes and noble is out of stock... I guess I missed the memo
Edward Colson ·
I'm using their flip notebooks right now alongside the FIELD NOTES Expedition. Right now I like the RITR because the paper seems less waxy and is incredibly smooth to write on. I use Space Pens and Parker pens with space refills. I'm in Portland and we're getting drenched but they've held up great. (Oh I wish I had a sample of the staple notebook ;) )
Patrick ·
These notebooks are fantastic! I use them for work and regular carry. Never failed me yet. I mostly use the Universal No. 371-M and Memo Book No. 964. Awesome product, keep up the great work.
Punisher ·
I would like to tourture test one
Rite in the Rain ·
Hey Punisher, sorry I missed your comment. Email me at [email protected] with your mailing address and I'll get you one.
jeff michaelson ·
really cool looking bag. solid