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Hi, my friend, I tried to find your chain wrench and no success. Maybe you can advise where it can be, or the exact brand name or manufacturer. It would be very appreciated and helpful for me. Thanks in advance
Hello, Sir. The Beta-Ti Pry bar / Chain Wrench is of my own doing/ design. I only had made a few with the small piece of Beta 23 Titanium (BT23/VT23). Thanks!
Can we please just reflect on the term 'magnificent bastard'. Love it! Almost as much as I love this carry!
You magnificent bastard, Because of your pic I hadda order a crunch and I can't find that freaking Douglass anywhere! Did you put the clip on the crunch yourself? Where did you get the Douglass? Great carry, man.
Ha. Yes the Douglass is hard to get but worth it!! I got one thru Gearward and a all Brass one thru Blade HQ. As for the Crunch I did add the clip from another parted out Leatherman. Thanks!!
The keys, what do you use to keep them together?
I did a one piece titanium rod that I heat bended into shape, with a brass nut.
What do you use the pry bar/chain wrench for?
Positioning equipment into place and tightening rack bolts.