My Everyday Carry

Victor Nacion
This has been my EDC dump lately. I'm pretty much late to the game unlike most people here but it doesn't stop me from improving my carry as I discover new ones along the way. Thanks for letting me share my picture here!

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Chris ·
That's a nice knife you've got there. Can you tell us more about it? (Specs, maker, etc.)
Victor Nacion ·
Thanks!. Its a custom knife made by Tobin (tobinsmithblades.com). Blade length is around 3.25in and OAL is 7.25in. It has thick liners and that blade shape is perfect for cutting tasks. Got it secondhand thru a seller here in The Philippines but its practically new and showed no signs of wear. Lastly, I just love the look of that carbon fiber bolsters and wood handles.
David Clark ·
It is a beautiful knife.
Chris ·
Thanks for the information. Ill have to check out his website. I am a fan of that carbon finer and wood together.
Dave ·
Very classy and impressive
Victor Nacion ·
Thanks man!
Freddie ·
best keybar ive ever seen
Victor Nacion ·
Thank you!