Touring Carry

Joe Watrach
Los Angeles, CA
Everything I need for my daily tasks on tour. Plenty of storage for show files and media, and all the right small tools for quick fixes on show site.

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Brian Helming ·
You should make a EDC post with all your lighting carry. If no one else appreciates it at least us fellow LD's will. Liked following you in insta as well.
Icebreaker ·
I never heard of foldflow until now, I assume you like it? I use a money clip been looking for a simple card wallet to hold my less popular misc cards that I don't want to carry in my clip. I like that it's not leather (leather seems to get too thick for a secondary wallet) and the price is right.
Joe Watrach ·
I really love it. It's super slim and light weight, and is just big enough for the things I carry daily. I can fit 4 cards in it comfortably.