World Traveler Satchel

Ian C Medina
I frequently travel for work and spend many hours in airports, planes, and trains.

Over the years I have pieced together the essentials to make the hours fly by.

STM Scout 2 - XS
This is a fantastic, super-light, weather resistant bag that holds all my essentials. It has fully protected my MacBook Air 11" from many drops and kicks. It holds everything here plus my Jabra Revo Wireless headphones when I need to. It can even hold a light jacket with the buckled flap.

MacBook Air 11"
This is the perfect laptop for tiny airline trays. The battery lasts me up to 9 hrs depending on the brightness and what I'm doing. Getting writing done in a dark cabin will get me 9 hours but watching video makes it go down to 5. The MacBook also doubles as my USB charger for my iPhone, Kindle, and PNY T6600 power bank. I no longer need to bring wall chargers for the separate devices. The wall charger for the Macbook Air 11" is placed in my carry-on luggage as I don't need it to be in this satchel.

Kindle Paperwhite
Affordable, light, and the battery last several weeks. There is no reason not to own one.

Passport and Global Entry Card
I coughed up $100 for the privilege to spend less time on lines. Over 5 years, it adds up to several hours saved.

Shure SE215 with CBL-M+-K-EFS
The passive noise canceling, portability, and price of these headphones can't be beat. I used to carry my Jabra Revo Wireless for travel but I kept forgetting to charge them. With these earphones I never have to worry about battery life. I also don't have to turn up the volume on my devices to compensate for external noise. The added cable was $50 extra but the more pliable cable makes it more comfortable to use than the stock Kevlar cable.

Airline adaptor
For those movies that I just have to watch on the plane.

Zebra F-701 and Fisher Stylus
The Zebra is a spare that I carry to lend people. The Stylus is part of my EDC.

Orbit Gum
Any gum that come packaged like this will do. This type of packaging keeps them fresh because these usually stay in my bag for several months.

PNY T6600
I usually only charge devices at 2.4A. This power bank does the trick. For those hours on a plane to Beijing and I'm cranking away on GTA San Andreas on my iPhone 6+, I keep it plugged in to the 1A port. My only knock against this power bank is that it takes several hours to charge. I only need a Micro-USB and a Lightning cable for my devices.

Gerber Dime Travel
Indispensable little multi-tool that is TSA approved. The agents at Heathrow and Narita usually take longer to approve this but considering the low price I paid for this, I'm willing to part with it if I really need to.

Transcend USB 3 Card Reader
I rarely use this anymore now that my Olympus E-M1 has WiFi, but you never really know when you need a multi-card reader.

Burts Bee's Blueberry and Dark Chocolate Lip Balm
I love this flavor so much that this is the only lip balm I'll use. The air on airplanes is very dry so this is a must.

Advil Liquid Gels
From headaches to back pain, Advil is always handy. I prefere liquid gels for faster absorption.

Brass Collar Stays
I usually forget to pack these so I keep a pair in my satchel just in case.

Nail Clipper
Because I'm not an animal.

Fabric Band-Aids
For when something goes wrong, fabric bandaids stay on best. They should really outlaw the regular plastic ones.

iPhone 6 Plus (not pictured)
Podcasts, music, movies and games are all consumed from my phone. A trip to Manila usually lasts 25+ hours from home to hotel and when its plugged in to the T6600 it can definitely last the entire trip. I'm not on the phone the entire way but I'm glad to know that I could be.

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