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Enschede, Netherlands
Stuff I carry around in my EDC Pouch. Usually I bring some more stuff.

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Neat! Vanquest makes awesome packs/pouches. Recommend a Boker Compact bolt action pen to replace that Parker - if you're looking for something badass of the same size. Well done with the backup batteries.
Thanks, looks like a very neat pen. Current is there just to have something to write with and was laying around. that boker seems nice!
I like your setup, the Vanquest pouches are growing on me. What is the little white thing on top of your Leatherman bit kit?
It's a tick remover. Those creep around in our bushes quite a lot.
What the name of the tick remover? Looking for one.
nice stuff. =)
Is that the EDCM or the PPM Husky? I'm looking at Vanquest's site and your pic looks more like the PPM. I ask because I like the one you're showing, and I'm wondering how well-made they are and how you like yours.
My bad. It's the PPM. I've got a husky with some additional gear in the back of my car.
Alright, I'll admit it... I took Roy's kit and started building one of my own. My intent is to extend what I pocket-carry into a little larger kit with some additional tools. Thanks for the inspiration.
That's a nice bit of kit. I'm wondering about X-Storm X102 powerpack. I'm not finding it on this side of the pond. The Leatherman Wave is a great tool, too.
I'm wondering what you think of the vanquest pouch as well. I like my maxpedition but I've always been bummed that there aren't any straps at the bottom.
I don't have the Maxpedition. I'm very happy with the vanquest. I've got another bag from maxpedition (dopflelflieger) and looking at the quality it appears the same.