Day Carry

Johnny Brown
Stuttgart, Germany

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Joseph Renna ·
Now that is ART in your pocket. Good grouping.
Johnny Brown ·
Thank you!
Chanaski ·
What's in the "Nano Survival Kit"?
Johnny Brown ·
Have a look here h.t.tps://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/17827086480/
big Easy ·
That phone case is sick! I like iT a lot! Great edc
Nick Harrell ·
Super cool knife
craig b ·
You have one COOL EDC!
So many great selections!
Elliot Lo ·
Oh man nice patch. Where'd you get it?
Johnny Brown ·
There are a few sources to buy them... I got it from m-tac.fr.
Chinmay Patel ·
Is the Yellow Logo your own design, felt like I've seen similar, but It still looks really good. Glad its yellow.
Johnny Brown ·
It´s the Logo from the revolutionary group Fireflies from the game The Last of Us
Cd ·
Such a great game, I bought a ps3 just to play it. I knew the symbol looked familiar, but I couldn't place it.