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Win an Aluminum Wallet, Key Organizer, Writing Gear & More!

Bernard Capulong
Win an Aluminum Wallet, Key Organizer, Writing Gear & More!

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Update: Congrats to Justin P, this week's giveaway winner!

Who else loves free EDC gear? Every week or so, we'll be giving away prize packages full of interesting gear we get our hands on, or very special single item prizes for you to win!

This week's package includes a cleverly-designed bag for carrying daily essentials, simple and advanced ways to carry your keys, a compact pen, and some notebooks to keep track of things.

We’ll run the giveaway for a week. Good luck everyone, and carry on!

Make sure you're logged in, then head over to our giveaway page for your chance to win the following:

  • Bolstr BagA compact, crossbody bag toted as the "Ultimate EDC Bag." It raised almost 20x its goal on Kickstarter! ($80)

  • Machine Era Wallet: A minimalist wallet constructed from a solid piece of flat black aluminum for a durable, lightweight way to carry cards and cash. Check out my review! ($28)

  • Fisher Space PenA crowd favorite pen, adored for its portability and reliability. ($22)

  • KeyPort Slide: An advanced enclosure for carrying keys silently. Included are components for a USB drive, flashlight, and bottle opener. ($100+)

  • HL Human Pelican Clip: A sturdy, simple, stainless steel suspension clip for carrying keys or keychain gear. Check out my review!  ($11)

  • Wipebook Mini: A reusable whiteboard notebook. Perfect for if you like working out problems and ideas on whiteboards, but need a more portable solution. ($25)

  • Baron Fig Confidant: An elegant, no-frills notebook, featuring dot grid pages and a unique fabric hardcover. ($16)

Prize Package Value: $280

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Chip Currin ·
This is a great prize package. Fingers crossed!
Frainkie ·
Me too. This is a really cool prize package
Raf T ·
nice! Thanks for doing this!
Justin Phan ·
Thank you so much!
Chris ·
Joseph ·
please send a few giveaways to this part of the world as
well :)
Nicholas Seraphim Anderso ·
Could be crazy, but the aluminum wallet in the tag and the picture isn't described.
Bernard Capulong ·
Sorry, good catch. I'll update the post!
neil ·
how to win these items?. thanks!