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These are the items that are ALWAYS with me. I normally had my classic SAK, but it is currently being sent in for repairs.

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Dan ·
just bought the pen + refill, thanks
AndrwTNT ·
Great buy! In order to get the refill to work with this pen it takes some slight modification. You can search the web for tutorials or just let me know if you run into any problems and I'd be happy to walk you through it.
Ketalon ·
Love it! Particularly that G-Shock, one badass look. We're big on reliability too, I wear the GA100-1A4. The smaller Kershaws and Fenixes are perfect for 'always-on-you' - if something's pocket-friendly, it's an automatic inclusion when you step out the door, no ?
AndrwTNT ·
Definitely. My G-Shock has been like a tank for me in times I've needed it most. I've found that the smaller Fenixes are great 'go-to' edc flashlights simply for their price and size options as well as the fact that AA and AAA batteries are more likely to be found than CR123. If it's pocket friendly AND reliable, then yes.. automatic inclusion. Thanks!
Chuck ·
I'm digging that card case, nice setup.