Nathan Dailo's EDC

Nathan Dailo
Sydney, Australia
My everyday carry. Survival Kit content will be in a Part 2 Post.

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I have that black and grey (case logic - medium camera case?) pouch you labeled "survival kit"
it tends to bulky real quick when anything but a small camera is in it.
I never thought about just using it for a throw-in-bag type kit,
thank you.
Nathan Dailo ·
That is in fact a camera pouch :). Most pouches are great for things like that. I want to post an updated carry soon, which includes other pouches for separating tech gear from non tech. Keep a look out!
Elliot Lo ·
Best headphones on the market
Nathan Dailo ·
Build quality, sound quality, comfort, and price; it's all amazing!
craig b ·
Great EDC! Gonna take me a while to look through all this. Tell me. What do you keep in the bag and what on your person?
Nathan Dailo ·
Thanks, Craig! On me at all times are my iPhone 6, keys (clipped onto belt loop via carabiner), Bellroy Card Sleeve, LED Lenser M3R, Victorinox Huntsman, and Fisher Space Pen Bullet. Everything else fits in the Crumpler Private Zoo :)
craig b ·
I give you a PhD in EDC