Professional Rock Climber Carry

Stephanie Davis
Moab, UT
  • DeLorme InReach Explorer: I'm often out of cell range and doing something dangerous. You can send out a text message using satellite signal or push the 911 emergency button to send GPS coordinates to local rescue.
  • Contour 3 camera: I use this when base jumping — not just to make cool videos, but also to be able to review the jump afterward in order to learn and progress.
  • iPhone and Netsuke iPhone leash: This is the best thing I've ever bought. I can always find my phone immediately to take pictures and don't have to worry about dropping it off a cliff. I borrowed a lanyard from my InReach since it doesn't come with one, and it's a great lanyard.
  • Canvas grocery bag: 15 years ago I took a vow to never take a plastic bag from a store ever again.
  • Ruffwear Quencher bowl: This is for my dog, Cajun.
  • Platypus 1 liter bottle: For Cajun and me to stay hydrated.
  • Mammut Zephyr harness: I like this harness because it's super light.
  • Evolv Sparks shoes: These are great all around climbing shoes.
  • Zak base container and OSP parachute: This is my favorite setup for Moab-style base jumping.

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Very interesting gear! This is awesome