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Saskatchewan, Canada
Stuff I take with me to work. I made the leather goods and camera wrist strap.

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Dale Ubas ·
Where did you purchase the metal comb? I've been looking for one like that.
Todd ·
Hi Dale. I got it for a dollar at a horse tack supply store. I'm pretty sure its meant for horses lol. It works well for my purposes though.
Troy Helmer ·
Handmade leather goods, very classy! Step it up in the knife department to match ;)
Todd ·
Haha. Working on it.
John Dubs ·
Great carry, I love Lamy pens.
Chad North ·
Nice job with the leather work! What do you use your handkerchief for?
Todd ·
Hey Chad, Thanks.I have 2 young boys so the handkerchief comes in handy regularly when I'm out and about with them. Also if you look into the whole Japanese carry thing, furoshiki, you can see how having a handkerchief around can be useful for carrying random things if need be.
Wang-Franklin ·
I like the tooth
Todd ·
Thanks. I wish I could say that I was the actual one who found it on the beach, but I've never been lucky enough to find one that big. It was in my wife's grandpa's "shoebox" that we were rifling through one day and I inherited it.