My Titanium EDC

Jorge Quintero
Biologist (age 42)

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Jorge Quintero ·
Seven years
Jorge Quintero ·
I prefer carrying the dogtag over the Techno because here in Colombia is not legal to carry even a little big knife like the Techno.
Jorge Quintero ·
I bought the dog tag first and actually I think is more a novelty that a functional pocket knife. Recently I acquired the squarehead and it seems to me that it can be more useful.
Herbert Peter Jimenez ·
How are you liking the Spyderco Squarehead?
Fritz ·
The Spyderco Squarehead and Dogtag are essentially the same thing. Do you carry both in addition to the Techno? I reciently got the Dogtag myself and after I got it, I kep asking myself...why?
Beautiful pair of Metal XX, mine were stolen after they were discontinued, best pair of sunglasses I've ever owned.
Jarrod Bushong ·
That is a GORGEOUS pay of x metals. How old are they?
Jorge Quintero ·
Yes I added the o-ring myself. I took it from a damage life proof iphone 5 case. The handle cap retention is not the best, but it embellish the hinderer investigator pen.
mementosis ·
i love everything about this carry, all it's missing is a G-Shock MRG-G1000D-1A :)

the o-ring on your pen - did you add that yourself? i've never seen an o-ring in any hinderer photos and have always wondered how they handle cap retention on the threads without one.