Military (age 34)
Manila, Philippines
This is my everyday carry, without my Holsters, Magazine Pouches and some Items I chose not to share online.

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J.S. Leonard ·
I was wondering the same thing. 30 +1 rds of .45? I retired from the Army (CAPOC) spent 10+ as a LEO and a firearms instructor. As a civilian 10 +1 (11) is plenty for EDC. The more you know the less you carry. To each their own. Nice gear.
Thanks, I guess it really depends on where you are and what you do. and where I'm from, I would carry a couple more extra mags if the situation calls for it. and I would rather carry the extra weight and have too much ammo, than run out of ammo when I need it. but to each his own.
J.S. Leonard ·
Hey I respect that. Cool deal. I was only curious and am attempting to wrap my head around different mindsets. But remember the most important part of a gun battle. Get off the "X". Defend yourself but don't continue to engage is you can retreat. This leads the second most important part. Live to fight about day. Keep'em in the 10 ring.
We obviously have a different mindset, training, background, experiences... see my reply to your comment below.
Beans ·
Why do you need two spare magazines? If you can't hit your target with one you should better run away and call the police!
Speed ·
I don’t know if you are just trolling me or if you really are serious with your question. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and answer your question.

I can hit multiple threats with one magazine, but I still need more ammo to stay in and/or finish the fight. In actual combat or a gunfight, you will always need more ammo, you will never know how many threats you have to dispatch, and they(threats/bad guys) do not always go down instantly when hit. I have seen a guy go down with one shot to the chest from a 45 and I have seen others taking multiple hits to the chest with an M16 and still keep going. There is a big difference between hollywood and reality!
J.S. Leonard ·
Bro? Come on! Unless you are shooting a rifle and get T-Box shot or the same with a pistol nobody goes down with one shot. And if you are out and about and it goes down the chances of you getting a T-Box are horrible. The national average of shooting accuracy in a gun fight is 20% or less. That just 2 out of 10 shots hit the target, not what they are aiming at but just hitting a man sized target. Don't be an isiot. You come off all Mall Ninja'ish.
Hey man, first off don't be disrespectful and jump into conclusions without knowing all the facts. I have over 10 years of military experience and a firearms and tactics instructor for special military and police units. and my comment above is from my personal experience. you can believe what you want but I'm not interested in going on a endless "stopping power" or "accuracy statistics" debate. enjoy the holidays.
J.S. Leonard ·
The "Bro" comment was directed at Beans, not you. Merry Christmas.
I apologize for misunderstanding. stay safe and have a good one.