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Koch Tools Co. Solo 2.0 Titanium Edition

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Koch Tools Co. Solo 2.0 Titanium Edition

When you need a tool in a pinch, the last thing you want to do is dig around your pockets for the right one. Pennsylvania-based Koch Tools understands the importance of having your gear ready at your fingertips. They've built that into their Solo 2.0 titanium edition, an American-made 6-in-1 multitool. It crams versatility into its compact but robust 1/4" frame to give you a bottle opener, two hex wrenches (which, with a bit of cordage, can turn the tool into a handle for carrying items), "S" hook (for hanging keys off your belt or connecting cordage), and a "dangler slot" for clipping other gear to it. Koch Tools meticulously crafts these highly sought-after tools in extremely limited quantities, so be sure to grab one for your carry at the link below before they're gone.


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Cody ·
Lady's and Gents I bought as a gift for someone and WOW! The quality and craftsmanship it's just outstanding! Everydaycarry.com editors and staff thank you very much for the introduction to this company. REALLY REALLY GREAT EDC item!
Cody ·
Has anyone bought one? Any thoughts so far if so?