EDC - July 2015

Buck Marksman - A bit excessive for EDC but I just love the design.

Microlock - This goes on the belt loop of whatever pants/jeans/shorts I wear for the day.

Brass Break Apart Key Set - I only found 2 sets of these on Amazon but they haven't been available since. The magnets are pretty damn strong (N50 I think) and make breaking apart the keys for quick use extremely easy and fun.

Slide 2.0 - I have a pen and a bottle opener inside. The pen isn't great for long form but its good enough in a pinch.

Vivoactive - fitness tracker, GPS, smartwatch, and a battery that last 5 days--I couldn't ask for more

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How has the car mount been treating you? Been thinking of trying one and I like how small the mount is on that!
It works really well. The magnets inside the Logitech Trip are strong and the rubberized surface provide adequate friction to keep the phone from rotating.
Have you had any trouble with the adhesive sticking to your Magpul case? Mine has pulled off a few times.
No problems so far, its recessed and flush with the raised grid. Perhaps the adhesive on my 1st gen is far grippier than others. I put the silver metal back directly on my old iPhone 5 and it would not come off at all--ruining the resale value.