Summertime Carry

Drawing of my EDC while on vacation in Colorado. Found an old Sony Walkman and a stack of mix tapes. Flip flops, comb, watch, sunglasses, t-shirt and hat along with an old camera to take some analog photos of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

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I'd like to see this on a shirt. And then I'd like to see another illustrator take a vacation with said shirt, then throw up a sketch of their EDC with it, and so on…
I love the idea of this on a shirt.
you should license this and create your own shirt for sale. you get a %, submitter gets a %, we get to buy cool EDC.com shirts. win-win-win?
would love this on a shirt! Landrover Defender is cool
The shirt graphic reminds me of the old school Jimmy'z surf/skate wear logo.
This is awesome! Great job! Best EDC pic ever.
Awesome - I am surprised not to see a sketchbook and pencils in your EDC.
Are you sure you didn't buy a Rolex millgauss?
I thought the same thing as soon as I saw the lightening shaped seconds hand and the sleeker lugs. It's definitely a Milgauss.
Paul, your art looks like the art from an old travelogue that Simple Shoes used to be associated with. I don't remember the name of it but it's something that strikes a huge bank of memories from my late elementary-jr high days.
Nicely done! That is slick as hell!
First time i've seen someone draw their edc, nice!