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The Midwest
After bouncing back and forth from coast to coast on assignments for almost a month, I got home and put this new carry together. The highlight is the Nishijin cricket with a custom damascus blade. Pictures just do not do this thing justice. I have been taking a lot of notes as of late with my upcoming wedding so this poor Moleskine is getting worked. The MKII Seafighter is still going strong, I have switched up the band to the lighter Maratac to keep the wrist sweat at a minimum.

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Thomas Rick ·
As a Spyderco fan, I can safely say that I am astonished by the magnificence of that Cricket.
Nathan ·
Thanks Thomas. I originally purchased the blade thinking I would put it in an old aluminum cricket. When it didn't fit (the really old ones have a slightly different blade) and I had a chance to get a deal on this one I had to jump on it.