My Everyday Carry

These are the basics for me. Without these items I feel naked. The most used item would be the key smart and the next would be the Streamlight 1AAA. I just added the keychain Streamlight so I'm going to give it a few weeks before I give an opinion on it. The nano strike is more just for my entertainment, it's just fun to be able to start a fire in an unusual way. I don't recommend a firearm to everyone. If you don't think that you can actually pull the trigger in a a situation, don't carry one or at least don't pull it out. A firearm is a great tool but if it gets taken from you... That's enough on that. A knife is always great to have on you. This is my first benchmade and I love it. Definitely worth the money. Some people complain about the blade opening up in their pocket, I have never had that issue. There is also a lock on it to keep that from happening, I use it most of the time and it has become muscle memory when deploying the blade. The lock doesn't bother me.

There are other items that I carry or watch and wallet but let's be real, everyone has a g-shock so no need to go all into those...

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