My Light Summer EDC

Martin Zetterman
Student (age 18)
Orebro Sweden
Here is my second ever edc!

I assembled this edc to do two things;

1. Represent the type of person I am.
2. Be light and easy to carry in a pair of casual shorts for those burning hot summer days!

The items in this carry are the bare minimum of what I, now days, feel comfortable carrying during a regular summer day.

The notebook, wallet and key cover are all made by me, and as well as being essential to me, they display my fondness for tinkering and creating. The pen obviously is a must with the notebook and i chose it because of it's easy to carry properties.

The Seiko is old, 20 years, but to this day it serves me well, and together with my keys, Victorinox, lighter(which btw I switch out for other lighters at times) and sunglasses make up a core of functionality in my edc.

And lastly, there is my Deejo knife, with the distinct smell of pepper, that I got as a gift from my girlfriend, that not only serves as a practical and light weight knife, but also as a constant reminder of her.

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Noah Murdoc ·
Very nice setup man. It's got lots of class, pretty retro for being so young.
Martin Zetterman ·
Thanks ^^
Bernard Capulong ·
Where did this "hand dump" trend come from?? I've been wondering forever!
Martin Zetterman ·
I don't know. I just figured if I could fit it in one hand it would serve to show how compact it was? ^^