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Zebralight SC5

Mikey Bautista
Zebralight SC5

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Zebralight have always been a top choice for flashaholics after highly technical lights. The new SC5 improves upon their already much-beloved AA flashlight. This refresh is slightly larger than its predecessor, but it remains pocketable at 3.18” long and 2 oz in weight. The bigger size now affords grippier patterning and more room for its internals. They've been upgraded to a more powerful, current-regulated XM-L2 LED, topping out at 535 lumens. The SC5 still uses Zebralight's customizable single-button interface, with a total of 11 constant outputs and 2 flashing modes, including an unprecedented 4 months of runtime on its lowest 0.1-lumen setting. Zebralight have done it again with the SC5, both for current fans of their reliable lights and new flashaholics looking for the cutting edge of the industry. Look no further for one of the best AA flashlights on the market.


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Danny Kaplan ·
I sure hope they sold out on Amazon in 3 hours because of this posting.
Dindo M Salud ·
Waiting for this one next week :) 1st EDC FL
Dindo M Salud ·
btw got the SC5w
Soldato Jedar ·
using Sc5 L2 .good for edc ,small n light. carry it everyday. just have to care the battery usage .
jonathan ·
Zebralight makes top notch lights ! I use their H602w headlamp for work and play and it has never failed me. Thiso one sounds pretty good, 1 AA battery with 500+ lumen.