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Don't you find that the wires fray and you have to replace those every few months?
Exactly they do! but the good thing about the wires is they don't break for a long time.
I just get tired of the frayed pieces stabbing into my fingers. I was hoping you would say you didn't have that issue and then present a solution :)
I have that issue but when I do, I order couple more wires, they are super cheap on ebay.
I've been using a steel cable just like the ones OP posted for my car/apt keys for over a year now and it has never splintered. I think you may be putting too much weight on them, if you have enough weight on it to make the cable bend at a sharp angle then it will definitely splinter.
I have the Leatherman Crater also. I carried it for a while but found it was actually to light. The lack of weight made it difficult to open one handed. I could not get accustomed to opening it.
If I may, I would like to give you a trick to open it, before opening it , I would request you to pump your biceps and keep them pumped while opening it, you may find that the knife will open in a jiffy! without any prob.