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Brad Hill
Springfield, Missouri
Brass, titanium, steel, leather, aluminum and paper provides an honesty to my carry that keeps me grounded. As an UX Director, most of my work is done entirely online, in software and code. My face confronts a screen everyday. I've carefully curated the items in my pockets with things that remind me that there is more to this world than 1s and 0s. They bring people to mind and evoke fond memories. I need that. If I'm going to carry something everyday I believe it should garner an emotional response within me. Sometimes it's the story that lead me to the item, other times it's just the appreciation of an extremely well designed thing.

Here's the breakdown of why I choose some of the items I carry. The stories that accompany the items? Well, that is best told over a cold beverage. My iPhone feeds my connected lifestyle and is an important part of my day-to-day as a UX professional. My watch was a gift when I was promoted to UX Design Director. I love it's design and it classes up my casual office environment. The McGizmo clips provide flexibility. The solid brass Japanese pocket clip was a gift from a close friend. The Atwoods introduce color and functionality to my carry. My Ray Ban sunglasses were a spur of the moment purchase on a business trip. They fit me well and still look good, even as they age. My Sebenza is large enough to tackle any cutting task but the shape doesn't scare my co-workers like some of my other knives. This knife is beautifully simple and I appreciate how the design embraces the best attributes of the materials used. 9mm, because I can. Technology is good, but paper and pen communicates ideas faster for me. Evernote's notebook extends my sketches to my connected devices. The Bolt pen is it's the perfect companion. The pen feels good in my hand and matches my Jeep. I love my Jeep. o||||||||o

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Robert Fejes ·
Nice gear. Especially the knife and watch.
Brad Hill ·