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Everyone's carry is different, as is mine. I switch it up depending on what I'm wearing and where I'm going. A quick trip to the store might not require all of these items, so I'll switch from the H&K to my S&W .380, leave the knife and just head out real quick. I've learned, what you're wearing will determine what you can and can't carry. These are the "must-haves" when I leave the house. Protection, money, chapstick, a watch and transportation. I keep a bag in the car, just in case. Enjoy!

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NotoriousAPP ·
Those P30's do fit like a glove. They must have the most comfortable grip on the market.
Noah Murdoc ·
Awesome set up man. what are your thoughts on the p30? is the small mag release lever a hastle?
Allen ·
Thanks bro! I carry a 9mm Beretta at work and I thought the P30's release would be an issue but even with my big hands, my thumb can't even reach it unless I position my hands as if I'm about to do a reload. I love it though, fits my hand like a glove and shoots like a charm.