Recently pared down.

Bangor, ME
The Opinel was a yard sale find, damaged for $2. I cut down the blade to a 2 7/8" Warncliffe and gave it a mustard patina. The end of the handle was split so I replaced it with walnut. I blued the lock ring and added a little patch with brass pins. I really love this knife.

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Beauty carry,well done man.
Wonderful! The essence of an EDC kit! (=
Awesome job. Have you checked out the Stainless Steel Sharpie? It's not double sided but it's super sturdy and feels awesome to use.
why duct tape the Fields Notes?
... and the Altoid lid wallet, brilliant !!!
The Opinel looked a bit small for a No.10 but then I read your summary...Nice job on it. I really like how you fit the walnut on the end. I would like to see other pics.
Wow, Thanks all. Glad you like it, it serves me well.