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Orient Mako USA Dive Watch

Ed Jelley
Orient Mako USA Dive Watch

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There are plenty of capable dive watches in the $200 range, but few manage to pack in as many high-end features as the Orient Mako USA. Orient's recently released diver uses a new sapphire glass for increased scratch resistance and a 120-click bezel for better accuracy and tactile feedback. Its updated face has bold, easy to read indices coated with LumiNova pigment for a bright, long-lasting lume. Orient even went as far as including solid end links on their new bracelet. The watch uses Orient's in-house automatic movement, featuring a 40-hour power reserve, day/date window, and separate crowns for adjusting date and time. With its 200M water resistance, you'll be making waves with this handsome dive watch both in and out of the water.


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Matt Magnum ·
I love the look, but.. even though this watch claims 200m water resistance, it is not ISO certified. Orient's web site even says "Appropriate for skin diving only!". I can spend the same, or even less on a Seiko and get a true ISO diver.
It certainly looks quite nice, I agree. But I wouldn't use it as a tool watch.
What exactly is "skin diving" depth? 100m like most water resistant watches?
NotoriousAPP ·
Ok. Why would one choose this watch over the Seiko Monster? I like the Orient, I'm just genuinely curious why you would pick one over the other.
Ed Jelley ·
I think it comes down to personal preference! In my opinion, this watch has a more classic, dare I say "Submariner" look, that some may prefer over the chunky, futuristic look of the Seiko Monster. Watches are definitely a reflection of personal preference, fashion sense, and technical needs.

We're not necessarily saying "pick this over a Seiko Monster!", as much as we're saying "here's another great option in the price range"!
NotoriousAPP ·
Thanks for the feedback. I get that, I'm just looking for opinions either way. If we're agreeing that they're different then what are the differences and why would one pick one watch over the other based on these differences. If the only difference is style then that's fine, I just want that clarified.