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Dominic Mercier
Salesman (age 23)
Most of this is carried on me at all time. The earbuds and 3DS is usually in my backpack. I'm a big fan of Victorinox products, wich is why I have so many on me.

EDIT : The keyring / carabiner is the Keybiner by Fortiusarms, an awesome little thing and great seller. I had a notch on mine due to a manufacturing defect and he offered to replace it free of charge without hesitation. I decided to keep it as is, because I was too impatient to wait for the new one.

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David M ·
What is the carabiner key holder - it isn't listed.
Salman ·
Nice carry. The earphones are the JBL Synchros Reflect right? How are they?
Dominic Mercier ·
They're great. The fit well in the ear and they don't come off when working out or jogging. I use them mostly at the gym, but the sound is good enough to be an all-day all-scenario earphones. They got about 3 1/2 hours of battery life (I now carry a rechargeable battery to charge them on the go so it's not a problem). For 130$ (CAN), it does the job, but you can get a lot better with that kind of money, just not wireless...
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