September Pocket Dump

Ed Jelley
Long Island, NY
The refining of my daily essentials continues... I've recently picked up an Apple Watch in an attempt to stay off my phone less. I only have it ping me for the most important notifications, leaving my phone out of reach. For me, each notification is a prompt to browse my phone for 10 minutes, and I don't like it. So far, it's working. The other exciting thing in this pocket dump is the Tactile Turn Fountain Pen prototype. I've been in touch with the designer throughout the entire process and it's really awesome to finally get my hands on a working model. Since my last submission, I've swapped out the Corter Card Sleeve for one by Bellroy. It's a bit slimmer, stores more cards, and I love the easy-access slots on either side. The pull tab on top is great for retrieving cards that are in the main slot too.

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craig b ·
If you had to toss all but two items what would stay in your EDC. what would you replace immediately if it broke/disappeared?
Ed Jelley ·
This is such a hard question!

I would have to keep my phone and my knife. The phone can multitask as a place to write down notes, a flashlight, a camera, a wallet (Apple Pay) and a means of communication. The only thing it can't do is cut - hence me keeping the knife.

If my Fuji X100T broke, I would immediately replace it. I love using the camera and it comes everywhere with me.