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Erechim, Brazil

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Great phone. I don't care what anyone says, Windows Phones are the best. I love my 830.
BilderFressenStrom ·
Same here.
David M ·
I have a Nokia 925 - won't go back to iPhone or Android
rogeragne ·
I never had android or ios, but not trade my lumia
Stefan ·
I like it. Simple and efective.
Dean Burkholder ·
Do you find the transformer useful? I like its small form factor but dont wanna have a slug fest going on when im trying to write etc
rogeragne ·
My transformer is very fast to work with office programs still use it with photoshop and corel , it hangs in 3D modeling or when the files exceed 1GB
Nice essentials you got there. But, let me ask a question, why are you carrying two notebooks? I'm forcing myself to carry always one with me, but I have problems by sketching or taking notes on the hop... Any suggestions?
rogeragne ·
I separated the issues, one I use for college, and one for my personal work, there is no need looking for notes, a hint to generate content, keep your notebook open on your side every time, there was a time, sketch something ...
David M ·
Do you have Windows 10 on your phone?
rogeragne ·
No, for my phone only in december, I have wait another 2 months