Direct Action DUST Pack

Direct Action DUST Pack

Whether you need a daily pack for urban EDC or your outdoor adventures, you'll appreciate the Direct Action DUST pack's thoughtful design. Able to carry a 15" laptop, tablet, hydration bladder, and more, this 24-hour pack keeps your essentials organized and easy to access. Its front admin panel has multiple slots in different sizes, a clear map sleeve, and a mesh pocket for visibility. For quicker access or extra storage, you can attach gear to its unique external MOLLE system. Instead of stitching on webbing to make the grid, Direct Action actually laser cuts slots into the material itself. The result is a more minimal look without sacrificing functionality. Each bag sports a sturdy paracord drag handle so you'll always have useful cordage on hand. Lightweight, water-resistant, and easy-to-carry, the DUST is a great way to haul your gear.


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Will be grabbing a Dragon Egg instead, this one is just a hair too small for my needs and the Ghost is ginormous
I've got the GHOST...LOVE IT!!
Me too!such a great pack!
Great backpack.However,a little small,and Dragon Egg is better.I like the laser molle so a lot!
Anyone know which one is more comfortable between the dust and rush 12 from 5.11?
Anyone tried them?