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Adam Fierman
Copywriter (age 25)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I've been refining and simplifying my EDC for a while now, looking for new items and trying out various products to find the ones that work best for my lifestyle.

I'm currently carrying the higonokami, having switched from a small Gerber blade last week - It's style points when I use it, plus I like the story it tells.

The Flexy money clip is a great product. Originally picked it up when they ran the original Kickstarter campaign and have been using it since then - I guess about two years. It has held up great and whenever the grip gets a bit loose, I just switch which side I'm using for cash and cards. Switching it up brings back the original tension perfectly.

Below that, the Secrid Cardprotector is the newest addition. I picked it up last week in Amsterdam and have been trying it out. The design is really sweet and minimal, with a clever card mechanism that makes swiping into the Metro super quick. I'm still testing the product, but they sell a range of models that I might look into if it holds up well.

My Nexus 5 is still chugging along after two years, but I'll definitely be watching the Google announcement tonight to check out the latest Nexus.

The other pieces all hang out in my coin purse. As a writer, I own tons a pens from all price points, but honestly, a Space Pen is one of my most used. Small, sleek, doesn't dry out, smooth-writing. It's really great, and in lime green, no one has been able to accidentally steal it yet.

Sandisk makes great products for reasonable prices, this little 64GB drive is my go-to for office transfers or carrying data to client meetings and presentations.

The keys are a new experiment. I was tired of bulky keys, and after trying a bunch of commercial solutions, I was still disappointed. So I sawed down some copies of my keys, baked on tiny clay handles in various colors and sanded them to a smooth finish. They are awesome and I'll be working to refine the process in the future. If you want to stay on top of that progress, you can follow my Instagram (adamfierman), where I post most of projects.

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Mike ·
How do you like the Higonokami knife? I was thinking about getting one. Hear they are great but I dont know anyone who actually has one.
Chris Lunsford ·
I know this most likely a self answering question in a sense. But I've seen quite a few people who's occupation is listed as a "copywriter" what exactly do you do?
Adam Fierman ·
Hey Chris. No worries about the question - honestly most people with the title copywriter probably didn't know what it meant until they got into the industry. I certainly didn't.

I work in advertising coming up with concepts for commercials, apps, products, campaigns and other creative solutions for my clients. My background is writing, so after generating the ideas, I often write scripts, dialogue, and text content for whatever solution we're working on.

Hope that clarifies a bit!
Chris Lunsford ·
Oh okay, that sounds like it's probably a pretty fulfilling career. I'm just a cook at a classic American dining establishment, we serve things like briscuit,steaks,liver and onions things like that. But I'm exploring a career change so I was just wondering. I'd like to do something like that. I'm a good creative writer. Or so I've been told. I'm also really into physics and astrology. It's just difficult getting a foot in the door in fields like that here in Virginia. We are about the same age so I'm impressed by what you've accomplished.