My Everyday Carry

Mike Geoffrey Espineli
San Ramon, California
How important do themes play in EDC? Just like how a person chooses to dress, adding a visual theme to you carry provides another outlet to how one can express themselves.
In the current iteration of my carry I have decided to pursue a full monochromatic theme. In the world of EDC, items that visually fit a monochomatic theme also tend to be the most durable items on the market. This is due to the materials which they are made of that include titanium, stainless steel, zirconium, cordura, leather etc..
In my case i chose to pursue tools made of titanium and accessories made of black cordura. I chose titanium due to its balance of form and function. Visually it is striking and functionally it is hard to beat due to its notable strength to weight ratio. I chose to compose my accessories from black cordura due to durability/stain resistance and neutral color.
Are EDC themes important to you? I invite you to try one out. There are so many EDC items on the market. Choosing a theme might just help you narrow your search and find that perfect piece of gear. Goodluck on the hunt everyone!

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Bernard Capulong ·
Great EDC -- it's clear this setup was highly researched and well-curated over many many years. I also appreciate the super insightful explanation of the function behind visual/material themes in EDC. Thanks for sharing!
Mike Geoffrey Espineli ·
Whoa, super cool to get a comment from you Bernard! Im a huge fan of you and your site. Actually the core of many of my EDC ideologies were formed from reading your site over the years. Not pictured in my EDC but is a constant companion is a black chambray handkerchief by "The Hillside" which I bought right after you had made a post about it years back. You carried that shit way before it was cool lol! EDC is my hobby and passion. I hope to continue contributing my ideas/thoughts to the site and community! Oh ya and fuck electric daisy carnival! yeee
I was not expecting that price for the carabiner! The quality must be insane (at least I hope it is for that price)
Jody Gates ·
That's a great EDC set up. I'm on the cusp of moving to a pocket holder for my pen/flashlight comb, right now I just clip them to my notebook and stick that in a pocket. I'm curious about the custom Swiss army knife and the other things in your pouch? Do you have more elaborate pics anywhere?
Yanick Tremblay ·
Nice set-up Mike. Particularly appreciate the level of modding involved in some of the gear you carry. Wondering, how - do you wear the pocket sheath?
Mike Ying ·
Love the SINN watch. Built like a tank, stylish, and not too obnoxious in size.
Brad Hill ·
That is a nice pen.
Andrew Cohen ·
Nice carry! I didn't even know Nakaya had anything in Ti. That is one incredibly handsome pen. Each piece shows thought and quality. Nice summary as well. Thanks for sharing.