My Everyday Carry

Andrew Mapes
Goldendale, Washington
Simple, slim items that won't be a burden to carry all in your pockets.

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Frank Santiago ·
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Howl ·
I am really interested in the quick release. It could be useful but I am not sure I want the length that comes with the addition. I do really like Machine Era's aesthetic and products thought.
Andrew Mapes ·
I have been very satisfied with their products, the only problem I've had is actually with one of the magnets on the quick release started to deteriorate and fall apart but I sent machine era a picture and no questions asked they sent me a new on the same day. Also in my personal opinion the additional length on the quick release wasn't a burden for me. Plus the magnets kick ass and it's super convenient to just put your keys in the general area of the other end of the quick release and the magnets will catch. Hope this helps.