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Our Favorite EDCs from September

Bernard Capulong

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Every day, readers like you from around the world share photos of their everyday carry with us. Only a select few make it to the front page. Each month, we’ll highlight a couple of our favorite recent submissions and lay out why we find them so special. This past month, we've seen carries from around the world, high-end gear to drool over, and specialized kits assembled with EDC in mind.

Bernard’s Favorite EDCs


Essentials by Ulyan, a Store Owner in Serbia

This is a clean example of quality over quantity when it comes to what to carry, as well as function without sacrificing form. This EDC is definitely on the higher end, but it makes sense for somebody who runs a shop selling gear. The keychain setup is especially great - you can see plenty of thought went into not just the gear on there (like the fantastic tiny flashlight and key-shaped flash drive) but the hardware he uses to carry it all. Keys are tough to get right, and I feel Ulyan did an excellent job with his.


Ambulance EDC by Anders, a Registered Nurse in Hungary

This is a real specialist's EDC. While most of it is stuff he needs for work, you can see he applies EDC principles to them all the same. Like keeping an IV kit and all its small pieces organized in an EDC pouch, and opting for a medical shears-based milt tool is super clever and practical. As much as we carry to make our own lives easier, it's nice to see gear designed to help others in need as well.


Urban Designer Carry from Brian, a Product Designer in San Francisco

Brian's EDC pushes the limits of pocket carry with a load this expansive, but it's well thought out nonetheless with the use of belt pouches and keychain management. His knife in particular is an excellent choice, and I like seeing the versatility of an angled flashlight in an urban carry. You can't really go wrong with the pen and multi tool he uses, and he had a good idea to make a paracord lanyard for a tool that small. If overflow becomes a legitimate concern I'd consider consolidating all the bottle opener options.

Ed’s Favorite EDCs


Everyday Kit by Victor, a Photographer in Brazil

This set of gear is minimal, yet capable. This photographer sheds a heavy DSLR for a high quality, compact, and lightweight point and shoot. The clean look and minimal nature of this carry is what grabbed my attention. I also use a Joby Gorilla tripod, they’re easy to throw in a bag and great for low angle shots or attaching to anything nearby. There’s a lack of what’s become the “standard EDC” (knife, flashlight) and it’s refreshing to see the that not everyone needs these items to get through their day.


Summer Pocket Dump by Joe, a Tour Lighting Designer in Chicago

I’m always interested when a touring musician or tech posts their EDC. I spent several years touring with a band, and it is important to choose your tools wisely, as there’s often not a lot of room for storage when living on the road. When there’s no telling when you might find a spare outlet, a phone case with extra battery makes perfect sense. The Benchmade Mini Grip is small, yet capable, perfect for cutting tape, cordage, or opening boxes. Carrying two flashlights is a great idea, especially when you may spend a ton of time on a dark stage looking for cables. The Apple Watch is great for checking incoming notifications when both hands are tied. It’s really cool to see a well thought out carry for a highly specialized field.


Pocket Dump by Mahrezza, a Student in Indonesia

This student’s EDC is affordable, classy, and capable with all the bases covered. What brought this submission to my attention is the overall classic aesthetic, and how each piece compliments the next. A leather key holder, leather watch strap, and leather wallet blend together extremely well. The Kershaw Oso knife adds a pop of woodgrain and the steel blade picks up on details in the Seiko watch and Zebra pen. This carry proves that a classic, gentlemanly aesthetic doesn’t have to break the bank to be obtained.

Editor’s Note: In case you were looking for Mikey’s picks, he’s taking a well-earned break and will be back with more great articles soon!

What were your favorite posts from September? Whether it’s an EDC from our community, an article, an interview, or maybe even a giveaway, let us know what you enjoyed this past month and what you’d want to see more of in the comments below!

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