EDC - October 2015

Ian C Medina
Entrepreneur (age 36)
The Mini RSK has come to be my favorite knife of all time. I love the M390 blade steel because it retains its edge much better than my other ZDP-189 and S30V knives. The blade shape is also the best of all the other Mini Grips. I plan to get aluminum scales from AWT fairly soon to upgrade the look and feel even more.

The custom titanium deep carry pocket clip deserves recognition. It is the smallest aftermarket pocket clip I've found. Since the Mini Grip is smaller than the regular Griptilian it doesn't make sense that they should have the same size pocket clip. The original pocket clip on Mini Grips cover almost 75% of the handle. I bought this from the Ebay, seller name: blue4you2010.

This is the v3 of the Capsule Minimalist which I still believe to be best way to carry cash in a leather wallet. The CashStrap makes it easy for me to not only view how much cash I have, but also makes it super quick to take cash in and out.

The Evutec Karbon S is my latest phone case. I'm not sure if it is truly carbon fiber. However, the case is VERY slim and the material provides just enough surface friction so that I can prop up the phone without it slipping. The only other case I've had that could do this was the Apple leather case but that is much thicker.

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Brandon ·
I have to ask, where did you get that detachable keychain? Is it magnetic? Love the carry, BTW. Thanks
Gundose ·
Slick! I like that phone case! Thanks for sharing!