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Thomas C
London UK
When travelling I carry a small Osprey backpack which can hold walking poles on the front for easy access. I wanted to carry a self defence stick of a certain length and weight that i could easily draw in a split second.
However, i wanted it to look like general hiking gear so i could carry it anywhere without drawing attention. I bought an aluminum tube from ebay and 3d printed a solid walking pole handle with a large bolt attaching it. You might ask why not just carry a walking pole.... but walking poles have levers and other bits that catch on the backpack loops when you try to draw it out quickly. plus its the wrong length and not very robust.

The other thing i made was a tiny first aid kit which slipped into my pocket - it was 3d printed, measured only 7mm thick
and a stainless steel business card slid on as a lid. The 2 small viles contain iodine and colloidal silver. I carry a larger
first aid kit in my main backpack - but this is a pocket backup for going out during the day. Everything else im sure you
have seen before - a spork is very useful when backpacking - i like clean cutlery. I never know when i can charge my phone,
so i use a pocket radio for music.

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Ashley Woo ·
It's also super rad that you're engineering your own gear...!
Ashley Woo ·
Love the modernity of the shot's aesthetic paired with the straightforwardness of your gear's utility ;-)
Micah~chan ·
How do you even discreetly carry that self defense stick? The only possible way I imagine you carrying it is if you his it on the side of your leg, but then how do you run with the stick constantly straightening out your leg? Esplain?
Chris ·
C'mon now, it's cool if you carry a selfie stick. We won't judge
The radio is rad! And nice phone case.