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Koala Dechine ·
Hi! Can you tell me the exact band you got in this edc pls? I search on cheapestnatostraps.com but I didn't find yet!!
Tyler ·
I got the band on cheapestnatostraps.com, don't let the name fool you! And i think the picture on amazon is a little misleading, it looks like the picture for the most part (T2N894). Mine is a little dinged up from farm work this summer but the finish does seem to make scratches and dings less noticeable.
Chris Lunsford ·
Do you remember what the exact band you got was on that site? The pictures are a lil difficult to differentiate and I like the way that one looks
Chris Lunsford ·
Two things, one where did you get the band on your weekender and two does the brass case on it hide blemishes and scratches better than the normal polished finish like I have? And what's the exact model number on that one? The link takes me to one that is a slightly different color case I think