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Bartender (age 24)
Portland, OR
This is what I'm packing out to the Philippines and South Korea this winter. I will be in a rural area of the Philippines without access to running water so I made sure to pack lots of water purification methods.
Not pictured are the Osprey Porter 46 and Osprey Daylite Daypack that I am bringing as luggage.

This seems like a lot of stuff, but once it's packed down into my Maxpedition, it's nice and clean. I love the Maxpedition Organizer because it makes it easy to transfer everything from your backpack luggage to your daypack, and also to ditch and hide all your essentials quickly.

Since you can't bring knives abroad, I always travel with a tactical pen and pen flashlight to use as a kubaton. I always keep the flashlight in my pocket or hand whenever I am walking in public. Even in the safest of countries, a lady has got to keep her wits about her!

Sometimes I will buy a knife in country, but it's best to stay away from weapons as a tourist. Even if you are just carrying a knife for work or utility a grumpy cop will use it as a reason to put you in jail.

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T Shrapnel-Carruthers ·
Toilet paper …..
Huusmann ·
You Are so cool!
Good luck and have fun!
Nathan ·
Where will you be in South Korea? I just got back from my third trip there on Monday. Let me know if you have any questions.

Right off the bat, who is your cellular carrier? Where is your adapter for charging your phone, camera, etc in their outlets?
Elvis ·
It's strange that you consider an EDC knife a weapon. Most EDC enthusiasts consider it as everything but! Different strokes for different folks I suppose :) I like how you included a tactical pen for defence in lieu of a knife, adaptability is a great thing! Enjoy your travels!
Aurelio Bermudez Jr ·
You never been in those countries. SHE doesn't consider it a weapon, but the COPS over there might. You carry a knife over there and they will throw your ass in jail. A jail that isn't like the U.S.A.
Elvis ·
You're an idiot.
Aurelio Bermudez Jr ·
you go over there and find out or stay in your mother's basement.
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