Nautical Carry

Alex Ogden
Student (age 18)
Oak Park, IL
With Herman Melville's Moby-Dick in my hand I decided to find a few extra items to better suit the of what a sailor would posses. A knit cap to keep me warm during the ocean's white squalls. Czech Tool to pack my pipe. Watch to remind me of how long since I've seen dry land. Pocket knife to preform daily tasks. Pen and pencil for redundancy sake, in case I lose one. Notebook to journal my thoughts, write letters to home and keep my occupied on the ship deck. A bottle open to open up the rum And finally a wallet to hold my few meager mortal possessions and money. But in all seriousness this is a streamlined carry that is well suited for my urban life or for a relaxing afternoon at a cafe reading and writing.

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Juan Carlos Ettedgui ·
A literary carry. enjoyed the poetry in the description. hope you enjoy your coffee, or the rum!
Alex Ogden ·
Thank you, I tried to make it as clever as possible. What's the point of just listing items if you don't explain them. Might as well have fun with it.
Salman ·
Hahaha Moby Dick... Nautical Carry... I see what you did there.
David M ·
I have Moby Dick ...on my Kindle. That said even before Kindle I never went anywhere without a pocketbook novel to read. Nice carry!
Gunnar ·
Like the hat, is it really as gold as it looks on my computer? Only see a much lighter mustard on Amazon.
Alex Ogden ·
It is more of a mustard in reality, but still warm and seaworthy none the less!