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Connor Rose ·
How do you like Earin headphones? I didn't know what that object was in your EDC so I clicked the link and now I'm enthralled with these awesome looking earbuds but how is the performance?
They're very good. I backed them on Kickstarter a while back and after some huge delays they arrived a few weeks ago. Performance is way better than standard wireless headphones. They advise to place your audio device in your left pocket as the dominant earbud is the left one and with that I've experienced next to no drops in connectivity and the sound quality is excellent. They also come with 4 sets of Comply foam tips too!
Connor Rose ·
That's awesome. I'm glad to hear good things about a such a cool product. Unfortunately the company seems to be struggling with demands which is a good thing for them. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this product. Thanks for answering my comment.
SavageX ·
How do you like the BB8? thats one toy i've been looking at but not sure about.
It has to be done, I thought about it for a week or two, but eventually decided I wanted it if for nothing else to mark the celebration of Star Wars release. It was an added bonus that it looks brilliant on the book shelf in its little wireless charging pod!
Andrew Kissam ·
How and why do you carry a star wars bb8 on you every day?
It walks next to me, fixes my transport, opens doors and I confide in him when I have thoughts about the dark side
Paul Rogers ·
I'm glad you received your Erin headphones. I am still waiting on mine, still. My pledge was almost the highest one and I still don't have mine. Are you located in the states? Just wondering when I'll get mine. Thanks
I'm Located in the UK, but I did get on the top tier. I wouldn't imagine you'll be waiting too much longer, I received mine 4 days after the dispatch email arrived so the postage is fairly quick considering its coming from Singapore. There is a guy in my office who is still waiting and he was on the 3rd level pledge.
Jason Abney ·
why the field notes and moleskine ? Just curious.