Trending: Nitecore TIP2

This Flashlight Friday features a relatively recent release from Nitecore in the TIP2. Nitecore has consistently put out impressive flashlights, especially in the keychain space. The second-gen TIP2 comes as a marked improvement over its predecessor, sporting an aluminum body to house two Cree XP-G3 LEDs. 

The new dual-LED design also doubled the TIP's overall output from 360 to a whopping 720 lumens—an impressive benchmark for any light, let alone one that still fits on a keychain. 

While its 2.46" long and 0.5" wide body might seem compact, it still manages to fit two electronic side switches for power and mode switching. An attachment point for a split ring makes it easy to toss the TIP2 on a keychain, while a magnetic quick-release cap grants easier access to the light without having to fumble through your keys every time. 

Finally, a detachable pocket clip lets you carry the light even more ways, whether in your pocket or clipped to a hat for hands-free illumination. Check out one of the stronger new releases from Nitecore at the link below.

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Trending: Nitecore TUP

It's Flashlight Friday, folks, and the trending torch for the week is none other than Nitecore's innovative TUP. As part of Nitecore's popular T series, the TUP stands apart from the rest with its slightly larger and more substantial build, significantly higher output (1000 lumens!) and unique OLED display. At just 2.76" long and weighing 1.87oz, it's sized to ride on your keychain, while powerful internals give it performance rivaling lights of much larger size. For instance, its CREE XP-L HD V6 LED pushes up to 1000 lumens out to 180 meters through total internal reflection optics. Electronic switches on the side control the output down to a 1-lumen Ultra Low mode, all powered by an internal 1200mAh, micro-USB rechargeable battery. Useful info like mode, battery level, output, and more can be seen at a glance on the light's OLED display. It's all housed in an HAIII anodized aluminum body for light weight durability with an included pocket clip and integrated keychain attachment point for multiple ways to carry. Check out this high-tech keychain light at the link below.

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Nitecore P18

A modern EDC light often tries to do it all, and sometimes, to a fault. It's hard to strike a balance between size, features, and power, which results in a solid flashlight for general use but isn't the best at any particular function. So when building the P18 for a tactical purpose, Nitecore zeroed in on the features that would matter the most. And thanks to the brand's pedigree of purpose-built lights, the P18 has the fit, finish, and functionality befitting a light you need to depend on.

Taking cues from its unibody keychain brothers, the P18 comes with a die-cast unibody cut from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. The single-piece construction gives it better structural integrity compared to multi-part tubes, while the shape offers a better usability by way of a more comfortable grip, anti-roll shape, and a narrower profile to ease deployment from your pocket. The business end of the P18 has slots for its main Cree XHP35 HD LED and auxiliary red LED, while the rear section has two discrete buttons for activating each of its outputs. A screw-down battery compartment next to the main switch holds the light's included IMR 18650 3100 mAh battery.

The P18 isn't wanting for power or runtime between its 5 main modes. Turbo gives its a 1800-lumen output, while Ultralow is 1 lumen with a runtime of 220 hours. You also get 3 special modes which include SOS, beacon, and a random strobe pattern. All 8 of these modes are controlled via the silent rear switch, with momentary on/Turbo and direct access to Ultralow. The discrete button on the P18's underside activates its 10-lumen red LED, acting as both a night vision-friendly light and a battery indicator.

Machined grooves in different patterns run the length of the P18's 4.15” body, giving improved grip even when wearing gloves while retaining a form factor that rivals the smallest 18650 flashlights on the market. IP65-rated water resistance and 1 meter of impact protection gives it ample protection even in tough environments, while still carrying light at 3.65 ounces with a removable pocket clip for EDC.

Nitecore's precision never fails to produce some of the best purpose-built lights for any duty, and the P18 certainly fits the bill. Add this compact tactical powerhouse to your carry by clicking on the Amazon link below.

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Nitecore TIP2

With a track record of powerful pocket flashlights, Nitecore's next installment gives EDCers another reason to take notice. The original TIP was a pocket staple thanks to its impressive 360-lumen output in a form factor right at home on a keychain. Its successor, the new TIP2, has upgrades in all the right places, sporting a sleeker, more durable build and packing double the brightness. With power, portability, and a slew of features packed into a new portable design, the TIP2 debuts as a strong contender for your next EDC light.

The most noticeable difference between the TIP2 versus its predecessor is the new form factor of its outer shell. Measuring only 2.46” long and a little over 0.5” wide (only slightly larger overall than the TIP), the IP67-rated aluminum body provides lightweight, but sturdy construction. Chamfered edges offer a comfortable grip and a smooth shape that allows easy retrieval from a pocket or bag. Dual Cree XP-G3 S3 LEDs create an overlapping beam to provide a wide area of light. Two buttons on the side of the device handle the TIP2's operation: one to activate power, and the other to cycle through the 4 different brightness modes. Low at 1 lumen, Mid at 30 lumens, High at 200 lumens, and Turbo at an impressive 720 lumens—easily rivaling the brightness of flashlights twice its size. Nitecore has toted the TIP2 to have a runtime of up to 55 hours on its lowest setting.

An added memory function allows the TIP2 to recall its last brightness setting for personal preference and can be reset with ease. A quick-release tail cap found on the rear of the TIP2 is held securely in place via two neodymium magnets. These magnets can also be used to mount the flashlight on metallic surfaces for hands free use. Removing this cap reveals a micro-USB charging port, which makes it handy to charge the light with cables and chargers you may already own. To make it easier to know when to top up its 500mAh battery, charge indicator lights can be found in-between the power and mode buttons. The TIP2 also comes with a detachable pocket clip allowing carry options to fit your needs.

A smooth new shell and stellar pocket performance is only the tip of the iceberg for Nitecore's latest everyday light. Pick up a TIP2 of your own today at the link below.

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Is the Nitecore Tube Worth It in 2019?

The best flashlight is the one you have on you. For a lot of EDCers that means a keychain flashlight is the way to go. They're compact and lightweight, immensely practical and can work well in a pinch. In the past though, keychain lights tended to have poor build quality, inconvenient batteries that drained quickly, and not enough output to do serious work. But as LED flashlight technology improved, keychain lights became capable enough to replace even some larger, traditional primary flashlights. The Nitecore Tube was a revolutionary, innovative light at the time, packing impressive brightness and versatility with modern quality of life improvements in a sleek, lightweight build—all at an incredible value. But as we've seen how quickly flashlight technology advances, is the Nitecore Tube still worth it today? Read onto find out how it holds up and if your keyring could use a more modern upgrade.

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Nitecore EC30

A while back Nitecore released a concept light, aptly named the Concept 1, with a fresh take on the compact, but, powerful flashlight. Unlike most concept products that never progress past a futuristic design or idea, the Concept 1 delivered a new model that was unique among Nitecore's other flashlights of time. Now Nitecore have taken the Concept even further with the EC30, tweaking the light in both features and price, while still offering a compact powerhouse for EDC.

The EC30 carries over many of its features from the Concept 1. It uses a Cree XHP35 HD paired with either a 18650 battery or 2 x CR123As for a maximum output of 1800 lumens up to 220 meters. 5 brightness levels and 3 special modes are accessed via a single side switch, including instant access to Moonlight (1 lumen) and Turbo (1800 lumens), the former of which has a runtime of up to 310 hours. Thanks to its combination of power, medium throw, and runtime, it's a great option as a general-use light, performing well across many usage cases for EDC.

The overall exterior design of the EC30 takes most of its cues from the Concept 1 as well. Which is a good thing, because the compact, tapered body lends itself well to pocketability and ease of carry. Its top half is smooth and houses the bolt-on clip, side switch, and branding, while the bottom half retains the magnetic tail and subtle diamond knurling pattern for a comfortable, but tight grip. The switch is the big difference on the EC30 compared to its predecessor, now a proud electronic switch compared to the more flat rectangle switch of the original. Be advised: while the switch is now easier to use, it also means accidental activation is a strong possibility, especially with a lack of electronic lockout in the EC30's user interface.

Switch aside, the EC30 is still a very compact light, measuring in at 4.38” and weighing 2.31 oz. That's slightly shorter and heavier than the Concept 1, but should still be just as EDC-friendly. And thanks to IPX8-rated water and impact resistance, carrying for every environment is no problem. Finally, an included lanyard and holster complete the carry package.

The Nitecore EC30 is an easy and affordable concept to grasp, and it's available now at the Amazon link below.

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Nitecore NTP30 Tactical Pen

Sometimes it's best to keep certain gear in your EDC on the down low. Keeping self defense tools and tactical gear hidden in plain sight might give you an advantage, not to mention avoid drawing unwanted attention in urban settings. Few tactical pens on the market do this, but Nitecore's new NTP30 pen is an exception. Not only does it ditch the usual all-black, aggressively knurled stylings of most tactical pens, but it even conceals its ultra-tough tungsten tip. Best of all, it combines some EDC-favorite features—titanium and bolt action—into one sleek design.

Designed with everyday carry in mind, the NTP30 boasts a TC4 titanium alloy construction throughout. It gives the pen the right mix of light weight at less than one ounce, durability, and corrosion resistance for daily use wherever you end up. But because not all pens should disappear into the pocket or hang off a keychain, especially if it doubles as a self defense tool, the NTP30 measures 5.6" in length. It's compact enough for easy pocket carry with its included titanium alloy clip, but long enough for a balanced and comfortable writing experience.

Another key feature unique to the NTP30 is its bi-directional bolt action mechanism. Engaging it towards the front of the pen advances its included Schneider ink refill, which is both waterproof and fade-resistant to perform even in inclement conditions. The accommodates 8 other compatible refills too, including popular Parker refills. Pushing the bolt in the other direction reveals its tactical glassbreaker tip. It's made of an extremely hard tungsten steel, making it useful for emergency situations, self-defense, or even marking and imprinting most materials.

Between its go-anywhere pen component or its concealed tungsten tip, the NTP30 means businesses at both ends. All it takes is a little bolt action. Check out this titanium jotter in more detail and grab one for your everyday carry at the link below.

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Nitecore TUP

Just when you think flashlights can't get any smaller or brighter, something revolutionary comes along. At first, it was the Nitecore Tube, with its novel form factor and impressive output for its size. More lights followed with the TIP and TINI improving upon both performance and portability. But now Nitecore's latest TUP flashlight hits new milestones with a whopping 1000 lumen output and an OLED display. It brings the sheer power and versatile features you'd expect from lights twice its size to an all-new design that's fit for your keychain.

The TUP marks a shift in the direction of Nitecore's T-series, this time opting for more power and functionality in favor of ultra portability. Its rectangular form makes space for a slew of new features. At the business end, a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED sits behind TIR optics to achieve a 1000-lumen max output that throws out to 180 meters. It's powered by an integrated 1200mAh, micro-USB rechargeable battery. The battery provides up to 70 hours of runtime, comparable to a light that takes two CR123a batteries, but in a size closer to that of a single cell flashlight. The light uses two side switches to control its digital lockout and usage modes, stepping down from its 1000 lumen max to its “ultra low” mode of 1 lumen. Relevant information is displayed on the light's unique OLED display, showing voltage, battery level, brightness, runtime remaining, modes, and more. It's especially handy for power users who want to know every last detail about the light they're depending on in their EDC.

Despite all these features, the TUP is impressively pocketable at just 2.76” long and weighing only 1.87 oz. It comes equipped with a deep pocket clip for multiple ways to carry as well as a keychain attachment point that can withstand up to 30kg of pull force. Its HAIII anodized aluminum body comes in both black and grey to match most EDCs. You can pick up this pocket rocket from Amazon at the link below.

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Nitecore NTK10 Titanium Utility Knife

If there's one versatile piece of gear you might not be carrying but probably should, it's a utility knife. It's purpose-built to handle everything from breaking down boxes to precision craft work. And since the blade is replaceable, maintenance is just a matter of swapping in a new one when it starts to get dull. But the run-of-the-mill utility knife at your local hardware store might not match the performance and build quality of the rest of your EDC gear. The new NTK10 is the popular flashlight manufacturer Nitecore's take on a utility blade optimized for daily carry. Its durable titanium construction and EDC-focused features make it worthy of a spot in your pockets.

The NTK10's frame is made of precision-machined aerospace-grade titanium alloy, which gives it the durability to stand up to daily heavy-duty use while staying light in your pockets. Fully loaded with its razor-sharp replaceable Japanese OLFA CKB-2 craft utility blade, the NTK10 weighs in at a mere 2.38 ounces. And despite its small 4.5” size, the 30 degree slant on the OLFA blade, combined with its pointed tip, make it quite versatile and able to take on your everyday slicing and piercing tasks with ease. With jimping on both sides of the frame, the NTK10 also lets you get a solid grip to accomplish bigger tasks, even if things get a bit slippery. And with its blade locking mechanism, you also have the assurance that the blade won't retract on you when you're not expecting it as well.

But what truly sets the Nitecore NTK10 apart from the standard utility knife are the extra EDC features built into the frame. The first is the bottle opener built into the tip, ready to go when the blade is fully retracted. The second is the glass breaking tip on the pommel, which makes it a useful tool to have in an emergency rescue situation. And unlike dollar store utility knives, the NTK10 has a removable pocket clip for convenience. If you're looking for a serious upgrade to your current utility knife, the NTK10 might be the right tool for the job. You can grab one at the link below.

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Nitecore Concept 2

Here's a concept: imagine 6,500 lumens scorching your eyeballs coming from a compact cuboid the size of a small soda can. Or a candle that's able to light up your surroundings for the next two and a half months. While it may sound like something out of science fiction, Nitecore has turned it into reality. Their new Concept 2, born from their line of experimental lights, is no flight of fancy, but a forward-thinking look into the future of powerhouse everyday carry flashlights.

The best place to start with the Concept 2 would probably be its futuristic design. CNC-machined from a single piece of aluminum for both strength and heat dissipation, the Concept 2 calls back to the old “soda can” designs of this class of light: lots of batteries plus lots of LEDs equals insane amounts of lumens. But thanks to modern tech the soda can design has taken a compact turn, and this modern light is a fraction of the size of its predecessors while doubling or tripling their original outputs. Its smaller stature also means a compact clip is all you need to EDC the light.

If it's output you want, you'll get it with the Concept 2. With up to 6,500 lumens at its disposal across 5 main modes and 3 special modes, it's safe to say the light is up to any task. Thanks to its 4 built-in high-drain lithium-ion batteries and 4 Cree XHP35 HD LEDs, you get its full 6,500-lumen output on Turbo for up to 30 minutes and throw all the way out to 398 meters. On the other end, you get a 1-lumen candle for a mind-boggling 2000 hours (over 80 days!) with its incredibly deep power reserves. You also get a complement of modern flashlight conveniences, like built-in charging, a side switch that doubles as a battery indicator, and onboard intelligent charging and thermal regulation.

The future is bright and right in the palm of our hands. Pick up the Nitecore Concept 2 from Amazon at the link below.

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Nitecore TINI Cu

As much as we chase performance and an impressive spec sheet when it comes to our EDC gear, sometimes it's the subtler details that make all the difference. In the case of the Nitecore TINI, a brand new copper build transforms the light into something more substantial. With copper's unique heft, handfeel, and patina, it gives the light a new presence both in hand and on your keychain. It'll only get better the more you use it, and with its 380-lumen output and convenient USB charging, it's a light you'll have for the long haul.

If you're looking for that classy, traditional style in your EDC but don't want to compromise on modern performance and features, the TINI Cu should be on your radar. It has the same CREE XPG-G2 S3 LED, capable of hitting 380 lumens with a peak beam distance of 70 yards on its Turbo mode. Side switches give you instant access to its Turbo mode and also allow you to cycle down to more general EDC modes, including a 145-lumen High, 38-lumen Mid, and a 1-lumen Low.

Its built-in battery reaches 60 hours of runtime, making it an excellent back-up option for your keys. If you choose to use it as your primary light, keeping it charged is easy thanks to its built-in micro-USB port. Handling it often as your main light also has the benefit of creating a unique patina as the copper body oxidizes over time, taking on that beautifully worn look. The original TINI already punched well above its weight. For a new keychain light option in a more exotic material, check out the TINI Cu at the link below.

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Nitecore NTP20 Tactical Pen

When you want to carry a truly tactical pen, it should be one that excels at both writing and self-defense tasks. But too often, what we get focuses on one task over the other. You might find something closer to a kubotan that can sort of scribble something down, or decent jotters that are tactical in aesthetics only. Nitecore's new NTP20 tactical pen aims to strike the perfect balance. Their updated pen design gives you a versatile writing tool that fits your everyday needs while giving you the edge you need to defend yourself or get out of an emergency situation.

As a pen, the NTP20 is quite versatile. It's compatible with eight different ink refills, from Parker to Schneider as well as Apex and Senator cartridges. This gives you a wide range of inks and ink styles to choose from, letting you set up the NTP20 to write the way you want it. The body of the pen is made out of a premium titanium alloy which also helps keep the pen light in hand and in pocket weighing only 1.33 ounces. And at six inches long, it's not too big to carry around.  It even has a streamlined clip at the top to aid in pocket carry, with a ceramic ball underneath that makes for a smooth draw that doesn't catch upon your clothing.

The lightness of the pen makes it easy to write with as well, and the grip areas channeled into the body also help you keep your hands on it. Those same grip surfaces help the NTP20 perform its tactical functions. The shape of the pen and its added length give added leverage during defensive use, while its ultra-hard tungsten tip can break glass in an emergency situation.

The attractive styling of the Nitecore NTP20 draws less attention to its tactical applications when you're writing with it or carrying it, making it easier to EDC as well. Grab one for your loadout at the link below.

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NiteCore T-Series Tube

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High performance LED produces 45 lumen on highBuilt-in rechargeable Li-ion battery provides a runtime of up to 48 hoursFeatures two brightness levels and infinitely variable...

Nitecore Titanium Whistle

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Titanium Alloy "Unit-Body" Construction
Corrosion resistant
Non-allergenic and non-toxic
Maximum sound intensity of up to 120 decibels
Compact and highly...

Nitecore MT1C

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High efficiency current circuit boardTwo rapid switching modes suit various user requirementsUser-defined mode allows for customized brightness levels and a multitude of...

Nitecore EC11

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Maximum 900 Lumens output when use 1x IMR18350 rechargeable battery Convenient dual side mode and power switch to enable easy access to five brightness, strobe SOS

Nitecore P12 Flashlight

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Maximum output of 950 lumens
Premium CREE XM-L2 (T6) LED
Boasts a peak beam intensity of 12,450cd and a throw distance of up to 222 meters
Second generation...

Nitecore MH20

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Super bright 1000 Lumens the smallest lightest rechargeable 1x 18650 Flashlight Built-in USB charger with Nitecore 3400mAh battery, AC and CAR USB chargers

Nitecore EA11

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Maximum 900 Lumens output when use 1x 14500 IMR rechargeable battery
Convenient dual side mode and power switch to enable easy access to five brightness, strobe SOS

NiteCore SRT3 Defender

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Super bright and easy to use 550 lumen compact tactical light with Strobe featuring Cree XM-L2 LED & mode Selection RingMay use CR123A battery or AA BatteryRed and Blue emergency...

Nitecore MT1-A

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Maximum output of up to 140 lumens
Maximum runtime of up to 60 hours
User-defined mode
IPX-8 standard waterproof
HA III Military grade hard anodized...

NiteCore NTP10

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High compact and portable
Hollow carved sturdy body
Tapered tungsten steel tip
Fisher space pen pressurized refill
Titanium pocket clip...

Nitecore P10

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Premium CREE XM-L2 (T6) LED
Maximum output of 800 lumens
Crystal Coating Technology combined with "Precision Digital Optics Technology" for extreme reflector...

Nitecore MH10

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Super bright 1000 Lumens compact rechargeable LED Flashlight featuring Cree XM-L2 U2 LED
Include Rechargeable battery and built-in USB charger
Convenient side switch...

Nitecore P20

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Nitecore Sens Mini

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Nitecore T2s

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Compact and portable
Maximum Brightness 50 Lumens
Maximum runtime of 28 hours in low mode
Three levels of brightness plus warning signal...

NiteCore SmartPD EX10 R2 Edition LED FLashlight

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