Trending: Spyderco Roadie

Trending on the charts for this Saturday Slicer is a sleek Spyderco slipjoint, the Roadie. Don't let its size fool you—with a closed length of 3" and a blade just a hair over 2", it still manages to handle plenty of EDC cutting tasks. The blade features Bohler N690 steel in a useful sheepsfoot shape, making it useful for slicing and scoring alike. Since it's a slipjoint, it opens with a smaller "thumbhole" type nick in a satisfying snap. Some jimping and a finger choil help add grip to the Roadie's ergonomic reinforced fiberglass handle. Its combination of light weight, small size, and non-locking mechanism make it a blade you can carry in most locales, especially in bigger cities and in the UK, for example. For minimalists looking for a great barely-there EDC blade they can carry almost anywhere, check out the Roadie at the link below.

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Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Wave

In many ways, the Spyderco Dragonfly 2 is a perfect EDC knife. It’s compact and surprisingly capable with endless variations of style and steel since its inception. But compared to its larger brothers, one key feature was missing: the ability to deploy instantly in a single motion right out of the pocket. This year, however, the Dragonfly 2 evolves into its fastest form yet with the addition of the Emerson Wave feature. Like its namesake, the Dragonfly 2 Wave darts into action with a quick swipe, cementing its place as one of the most versatile compact knives you can carry.

If you’ve never handled a Dragonfly 2 before, it’s easy to jump to conclusions with its appearance. With a tiny closed length of 3.33“, the Dragonfly 2 appears at first glance to be more a keychain knife than one suited as a main EDC blade. That is, until you deploy it and actually grip it hand, which is when it reveals its true secret. Through a combination of exact lengths, cleverly placed angles, and the blade geometry itself lending to the ergonomics, the Dragonfly actually allows a full-length grip with your entire hand, allowing control and leverage that belies its size.

Most of the Dragonfly 2’s specs are in pursuit of its compact and pocketable design. The VG-10 blade sits at 2.28“, playing to both balance in hand as well as legalities across regions. The drop point shape featured in many Spyderco models allows plenty of cutting versatility, and deployment (for the base Dragonfly model) is handled with the trademark round hole. The new Emerson Wave feature is an integral hook that catches the top of your pocket to automatically open the knife as it’s drawn, making it a sensible addition to a quick, compact knife like the Dragonfly. Also new to this model is a saber grind compared to the full flat grind used in other models, allowing the blade to accommodate the extra steel required by the hook.

The blade folds into lightweight FRN handles, with a lockback securing it when in use as well as reducing weight that a liner lock would have added. With a minuscule overall weight of 1.3 ounces, the Dragonfly 2 all but disappears in your pocket, ready to spring into action thanks to the Wave feature. A reversible wire clip completes the lightweight ensemble, while also allowing ambidextrous EDC.

The Dragonfly 2 is a Spyderco compact classic, and with the Emerson Wave feature, spreads its wings to reach its full high-speed potential. Pick up this zippy blade from Amazon at the link below.

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Trending: Spyderco Squeak

Trending for this Slicer Saturday is Spyderco's non-locking slipjoint folder, the Squeak. This nifty little knife brings no-frills utility to any EDC where locking knives aren't an option, making this knife popular in the UK and similar locales. In such a minimalist design, the star of the show is the Squeak's signature leaf-shaped blade. 

Measuring a modest 2" long and made from N690Co steel, the blade leverages its leaf-shaped geometry to maximize its usable cutting surface for general utility tasks. Although the knife doesn't lock for extremely tough tasks, it does feature a finger choil and jimping at the spine of the blade for a firm grip. Lightweight FRN handles add to that grip, while a Spyderco wire clip makes carrying it easy. 

For a classic Spyderco experience that you can carry almost anywhere, check out the Squeak at the link below.

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Trending: Spyderco Urban Lightweight

Today's Sunday Slicer punches above its weight as one of the most heavily trafficked products on the site last week. The aptly named Spyderco Urban Lightweight lacks a locking mechanism and sports FRN handles, making it an excellent EDC for minimalists and those who live in cities with stricter knife regulations. A classic oversized thumbhole deploys the 2.6", N690CO blade, revealing its signature Spyderco "leaf"-shape. The leaf shape makes the most of its well-sized blade to give you enough cutting edge for most everyday tasks. Jimping on both the spine and the finger choil give excellent grip, enhanced by the textured FRN handle. While it's mostly a no-frills kind of knife, it does include a wire pocket clip for ease of carry. You can pick up this classic slipjoint Spyderco for your urban EDC at the link below.

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Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight

When the Spyderco Para 3 came out 2 years ago, it had big shoes to fill. After all, it was following up on one of the most popular and timeless knife designs ever, the Para Military 2. The Para 3 set out to be a better option for EDC, by offering a smaller, but nonetheless useful blade in an easier-to-carry package. With the Para 3 Lightweight, Spyderco drops some weight (and the price) to elevate the knife even higher. With a new steel, better ergonomics, and one of the lightest materials available for handles, it's a solid contender for an all-day, everyday carry knife.

The biggest, most noticeable difference between the original Para 3 and the new Lightweight is in the handles. While the older model used G-10 scales, the new version features injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) scales covered in a bidirectional texturing pattern, providing a solid grip. The handles are also more rounded and chamfered on the edges, making the new knife more comfortable to hold. The design and material choices on the handle contribute a lot to the weight savings, making the Para 3 Lightweight nearly thirty percent lighter than its predecessor, tipping the scales at a pocket-friendly 2.4 ounces. Similar to other Spyderco FRN models, the handles allow use of a wire clip, a design that shaves off even more weight while allowing a deeper pocket carry than the original Para 3. This allows a more discreet carry while still keeping the knife easily within reach.

A new, streamlined version of Spyderco’s patented Compression Lock mechanism—the first they've incorporated into a model with FRN handles—handles the deployment and closing of the blade, allowing familiar, one-handed operation. With the blade deployed, whether via the classic Spyderco thumb hole or with a flick, you get access to a 2.92” blade in the leaf-shaped, full flat-ground profile that traces its roots back to the original Para Military 2. It's a versatile shape useful for everyday tasks, from food prep to precision cuts. The blade uses CTS-BD1N steel (another first for Spyderco), and replaces the CPM-S30V of the original Para 3. Additional Nitrogen in the alloy gives it better edge retention and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for hardier tasks. And at under 3 inches, it's able to take on most tasks while still adhering to common knife laws.

Refinement and upgrades usually come with a cost, but the Para 3 Lightweight loses numbers on the price tag as well. True to its name, it's a lightweight knife in both the pocket and on your wallet, giving you a solid option for your next EDC knife. Get your own at the Amazon link below.

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Is the Spyderco Tenacious Worth It in 2019?

When it comes to making no-nonsense tactical knives that are perfect for everyday carry, Spyderco tops the list with high-quality designs made in a manufacturing language that is uniquely their own. There are plenty of everyday carry knives to choose from, but none cut quite the same look and perform the same in hand as a Spyderco. Unfortunately,  you usually have to spend a pretty penny to get your hands on one. But when Spyderco introduced the Tenacious, it turned that idea on its head. That's because the Tenacious was made to provide just about everything that made a Spyderco knife great for EDC at a much more accessible price point than many other Spyderco models. While it was a budget knife, it punched above its weight, making it a strong value for the money that was hard to ignore. But it's been a decade since its introduction, and we've seen a lot of changes in the EDC knife industry since then. So, is the Spyderco Tenacious worth it today? Read on to see whether it's still the choice to make, and how it holds up against the competition.

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Spyderco Paramilitary 2

49 have this · 313 people have this

S30V SteelG10 HandlePlain EdgeMade in the USA...

Spyderco Delica 4

16 have this · 213 people have this

4-way Clip. Screw-together construction.Skeletonized steel internal liners. Phosphor bronze washers.FRN Bi-Directional Textured® handle.David Boye Dent. Enlarged opening hole...

Spyderco Dragonfly2

13 have this · 131 people have this

Left/right, tip-up wire clip.David Boye Dent. 11mm Spyderco Round Hole.FRN Bi-Directional Texturing? handle.Spine, choil, and handle jimping.Leaf-shaped flat-ground blade.

Spyderco Bug SS

16 have this · 91 people have this

Smallest knife in Spyderco's product line; slip-joint folder, with flat-ground blade made of stainless steel and satin-finished stainless steel handle

Spyderco Endura 4

9 have this · 90 people have this

4-way Clip; Screw together construction; Skeletonized steel internal liners; Phosphor bronze brushings; David Boye Dent
FRN Bi-Directional Textured? Handle; Enlarged opening...

Spyderco Dragonfly

9 have this · 59 people have this

Compact, folding knife with leaf-shaped, flat-ground blade of premium VG10 stainless steel
David Boyle Dent; spine, choil and handle jimping for positive grip; large Spyderco...

Spyderco Manix2

9 have this · 56 people have this

Ambidextrous tip-up clip. 14mm Spyderco Trademark Round Hole. Oversized piped lanyard. Thumb and handle jimping. Ball Bearing Lock®.

Spyderco Manix 2 G-10

3 have this · 54 people have this

Ambidetrous tip-up clip.Spyderco's patented Ball Bearing Lock.Black G-10 Handle with full-length skeletonized steel liners.Made in Golden, Colorado.

Spyderco Sage

6 have this · 40 people have this

Folding knife with CPF-S30V steel bladePlainEdge is ground flat for precise cuttingTwill-woven carbon fiber handle for comfortLinerLock folding system; silhouette wire pocket...

Spyderco Native 5

4 have this · 35 people have this

4 Position Ambidextrous ClipBlack FRN handleWill replace current FRN Native...

Spyderco UK Penknife

6 have this · 29 people have this

Ambidextrous deep pocket tip-up wire clip.Finger choil. Spine jimping.Hollow-ground blade. Leaf-Shaped blade.Made in Golden, Colorado.0...

Spyderco Grasshopper

5 have this · 31 people have this

Micro-sized Slipit folding knife with flat-ground, 8Cr13MoV stainless steel plain-edge blade
Stainless steel handle with Slip Joint lock
Clip-less design--lanyard hole...

Spyderco Sage 2

8 have this · 28 people have this

Folding knife with CPM-S30V steel spear-point blade
PlainEdge is ground flat for precise cutting
Screw-constructed titanium handle for comfort
Reeve Integral Lock...

Spyderco Native

6 have this · 24 people have this

Compact, folding knife with an ergonomic design to maximize cutting ability and minimize discomfort and fatigue
Hollow-ground, plain-edge blade made from premium CPM-S30V...

Spyderco C188ALTIBBKP Dog Tag Folding Knife

19 have this · 18 people have this

Plain sharp edge 3.23 inches overall length 2 inches closed length 1.23 inch blade length Black Titanium handle

Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Salt

3 have this · 24 people have this

Left/right, tip-up wire clip. H-1, rustproof, hollow-ground, plain edge blade. Spine, choil, and handle jimping. Screw-together construction.