Ecomo Smart Bottle

Most water bottles work the same. Stainless steel, double-walled insulation, and keeps your drink hot or cold for a long time. But what if your water bottle could be smarter, even healthier for you? How about a smart bottle that can test and filter water on the spot so you know it's safe to drink?

This is the Ecomo Bottle, a crowdfunded smart bottle with a built-in filtration system designed for a healthier you. It does this in three steps: first, you fill up its 20 oz capacity with water from a source of your choice, like a fountain or stream. Next, you shake the Ecomo to check the water for contaminants, which it then tells you via its digital display. You can then twist the bottle to use its 3-in-1 filtration system to remove most major contaminants from the water, such as metal and pesticides.

While the bottle itself does as well as its peers with insulation and safety, it's got some unique tech as well, such as pairing with an activity tracking wristband that tracks your water intake along with a smartphone app.

The Ecomo's more than met its Kickstarter goal, and there's plenty of time to back one yourself. Hydrate safer and smarter by picking up the Ecomo Bottle in the color of your choice at the link below.

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Takeya Thermoflask

On your search for the perfect water bottle, sometimes it isn't so much the bottle you should be giving the most attention to. That's because so many of them work more or less the same: BPA-free stainless steel with double-walled insulation.

The equally important, yet often overlooked differentiator among them is the cap. And the Thermoflask from Takeya has one of the best cap designs you'll find for everyday carry that really takes its functionality up a notch or two.

For starters, it has a sturdy hinged carry handle that's compact enough to stay sleek, yet wide enough for a comfortable 2-3 finger grip. This is a godsend for lugging around higher volumes of water to last you through the day. Built into that same hinge is a leakproof, screw down spout cover that keeps gunk and grime out. The spout itself resembles a short and wide straw providing a comfortable, free-flowing sip every time. For refilling the bottle or ultra wide-mouth chugging (you know who you are), you can easily unscrew the cap thanks to a textured grip rubber ring at the base of the lid.

Of course, the bottle itself is no slouch, either. It's made from vacuum-insulated 18/8 premium food-grade stainless steel to keep drinks cold up to 24 hours, or hot for 12. That double-walled construction pulls double duty to not only insulate your drink but also keep the bottle from “sweating.” Combined with its subtle textured surface, the Thermoflask makes it easy to hand-carry or store in your bag. It also comes in five colors and five sizes with fairly minimal branding on the bottle itself.

For a good-looking, highly functional water bottle at an excellent value, check out the Takeya Thermoflask at the link below.

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Vargo Titanium Para-Bottle

If you can’t settle for anything but the best, Vargo’s Titanium Para-Bottle is for you. Both the machined geometric shaped lid and the bottle itself are made of nothing but titanium — albeit with a food grade silicone o-ring separating to seal — for a vessel that won’t corrode or leach anything into your water and that’s entirely biocompatible... (via GearHungry)

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AVEX FreeFlow Autoseal Water Bottle

Whether you're on the trail or navigating the city, water is an essential—and often overlooked—EDC. If you need a bottle that's tough enough to keep you hydrated no matter where your day takes you, check out the AVEX FreeFlow for your carry.

While the FreeFlow's sturdy stainless steel portion is nothing to scoff at, the bulk of its value as a capable EDC bottle is actually in the lid. When you need to take a sip, you can quickly get your drink on at the push of a button. After your thirst has been thoroughly quenched, releasing the button automatically seals it shut. And it stays locked, so you won't have to worry about accidental button presses causing leaks in your EDC bag either. For all you germaphobes and frequent hydrators out there, the lid features a hygienic spout cover and bolted-on carrying handle, so you'll always have a clean drink on hand.

The bottle is insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 29 hours (or hot for 10) and constructed from stainless steel to withstand the dings and drops of daily use. It's available in either 24oz or 40oz capacities in several colorways (though I'm not sure why you'd pick anything other than the OD green/raw stainless version) for your summer EDC at the link below.

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TI-EDC Titanium Pocket Comb

The comb is an everyday essential for the well-groomed, but for many reasons, it usually has to stay at home. That's because fragile plastic travel combs don't fare too well in pockets, and full-size combs tend to be too big for EDC. Enter the TI-EDC titanium pocket comb. Made out of durable TC4 grade 5 titanium, it won't bend or break in your pockets. Unlike stainless steel combs, the TI-EDC is lighter than the rest, weighing a mere 17 grams. It's also safe to use on even the most sensitive of scalps thanks to its corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic properties. At under 4" in length, it's the perfect size for your pocket. It even has a slot built into the handle that lets you carry it on a keychain or with a lanyard for easy retrieval. Grab one of these combs for your EDC at the link below to stay looking at your best throughout the day.

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DAFT Custom Combs

Keep your hair in check with a customized comb by DAFT. The comb itself is made of a super-durable material similar to what they use in aircraft windshields. Solid brass hardware keeps the comb together and cleverly placed magnets keep it closed. The brushed finish on its built-to-last stainless steel body keeps unsightly scratches at bay. There’s also a built in bottle opener to pop open your favorite beverage. At 4.4” in length and just over .25” thin, the Daft comb will easily go unnoticed in your pocket. Add a personal touch like initials or a phrase to your comb with their easy-to-use Custom Design Feature and preview it before you order.

DAFT has offered up an exclusive discount for readers of Everyday Carry — you can use code “5WHYS6LZ” at checkout to take advantage!